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    Its been a while since I logged in here (i do occasionally read posts without logging in if time allows), and a while back Mindy Kinsey made a post, and I was really surprised that many more havent taken the time to add their comments. I do not know, maybe many of you have emailed your thoughts directly to Mindy as I did, or if maybe her post was overlooked, as I think just about everyone would have an opinion or idea on the topic. Its not to often when a publication will reach out to its readers and ask for their thoughts and opinions. And, its seems even more rare when a publication actually listens to the ideas and opinions of their readers. Fox Chapel has always been dedicated to doing whatever is beneficial to us, the scrolling community. They cant please everyone all the time, but they come pretty close! So my question... If you havent taken the time to read and post your opinions to the following thread, could you? The thread is Thanks!
    Dale w/ yella saws

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    OK, I put up a reply.
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      Thanks Dale for the heads up. I'm not a designer, but their contribution to this craft is invaluable and I'm glad Fox Chapel Publishing encourages their creativity. I hope the contest gets a big response!
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        for me, wood working is not a compitition, it is my hobby.
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