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    I normally use a small pencil torch to burn off 'fuzzies' from the back of cuttings.
    Then just have to slightly wipe with a 150 grit sandpaper to get all off.

    I have noticed that, by doing that burning, I can get some interesting highlighting for the cutting. So I have been torching the front of some cuttings and am pleased with the added art.

    Here are some Eagles that I have added the torching process to.

    HINT: When torching be sure to keep the torch moving and always have an extinguisher and/or bucket of water nearby if you have to DUNK a flaming piece.


    Old Dust
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    Well I have torched a few projects also, but mine end up in the burn tote and eventually to the burn pile
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      Touching pine I do not have to stain it


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        Great effects. It adds a nice touch to your projects. I really like the large eagle. The torching blends well with the background.


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          You do nice work. I love that large eagle....the eagle within the eagle. That is gorgeous.


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            Two items hubby says I shouldn't use - chainsaw and torch. After my past year, need I say more? But I do love the effect of the torch on the front of the eagle. Maybe I can sneek it in while he is at work. Second thought, would hate for him to get the phone call "House burned while torching woodworking."

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              Looks great. I do some wood burning on my pieces, but, with my woodburning tool. My brother used to replace wood trim in the kitchen of his house & torch it. It really looked rustic. That's what they were looking for ! He even made patio furniture & torched it. It really looked neat. I'll show you a rocking chair & table that he made. Take a look.
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                i do a lot of potrait pieces,thus a lot of interior cuts,leaving fuzzies.i too use a torch,too burn them away,you need too move the torch around or else the wood will warp,
                yes doing this you can get some rather pleasing highlights,
                just be carful with the torch....happy new year
                not doing much
                and busy doing it

                having fun making sawdust.



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                  Just my 2Cents.... When I started scrolling portraits I really got discouraged with all the lil fuzzies on the backs and also used my torch to burn them away. Sometimes YES didn't keep the torch moving fast enough and burnt some important parts. Anyway then last year I came across the Flying Dutchman brand blades and since then with using mainly the FD-UR blades there is very, very little amount of fuzzies and the ones there sand off with very little effort. Fuzzies are HISTORY to me now. Yea! Danny :+}


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                    Torching projects HAS its place,Works well on Many items ,and varied results,mainly caused by wood 's sap content,practice on scrap,it in itself is art
                    so practice,if it were real easy and simple you would not have to practice,you want the results,not a fire,as oily says lay flat on a fire proof object ,bricks or c.block so heat only gets to surface you want it to.SO JUST USE YOUR HEAD and THIMK!! THIMK !!or don't attempt it ! Just the grandfather 13
                    Grand children speaking.
                    My very best intentions!
                    "Home Of The Dust Free Scroll Saw"
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                      I've never used this way of torching my projects but I may give it a try. I do have to say I have torched a fair number of my WIP projects it really nice on those cool evenings sitting on our patio.
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                        Torch used here

                        Yellow pine... colored using a torch.
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