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  • Blade Chuck question?

    I just ordered another blade chuck for my 788 saw & was wondering if any of you 788 owners have had problems with the aluminum blade chuck, stripping out the threads on the thumb screw side? I have done the reverse thing & still cutting, while I wait for the new one. I wish they would make these out of a more hardened metal, & not aluminum. I guess I am just too tuff on the tightening of my blades. I even took off the enlarged handles that I made, because I think that tightens them even more. Other than this problem, I'm having good luck with my saw. I wish someone would machine one of these chuck's out of steel instead of aluminum. Let me know if you are having problems like this too. Thanks.

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    A lot of us do have that problem and most of us keep an extra set on hand just because they do strip out. Do not over tighten the blade chuck. My 788 is 13 years old and I have only had to replace the thumb screws 2 times in all those years. I now am using a ex21 and it has the same part on it.
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      It's a common problem and caused more by the steel thumbscrew vs the aluminum block than overtightening, though overtightening does hasten the wear. The steel threads of the thumbscrew, when tightened thousands of times, wear out the softer aluminum threads in the clamp block. If you use your saw for any amount or length of time, these will wear out. If you overtighten the thumbscrew, it will only happen faster.
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