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    What is the best spray adhesive for patterns? I have tried the Elmers spray adhesive and the pattern usually comes up halfway through a project. Tired of having to stop to tape up a raising pattern. Any help would be appreciated.

    Todd---Loving my Ex-16

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    Here's a recent thread on the topic that may help.

    I used to have problems with patterns lifting when I used Duro spray adhesive. I gave up on it and went back to Krylon Repositionable Spray. I read a number of posts about people who used Duro, so I gave it another try. I discovered that I wasn't applying it heavy enough. Once I put on a heavier coat, it held fine. Duro isn't available anymore. It's now sold under the Loctite brand name. I've heard complaints about Loctite adhesive letting go as well, but I just used it extensively for a number of Christmas projects and had no problems with the pattern lifting. In fact, it held so well, I had to soak it longer than normal with mineral spirits to get it off.

    Everyone has their favorites, but in my opinion, get whatever is readily available and least expensive. Maybe you'll have to spray a little heavier coat, but just about any brand will work.
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      3m 77....or 3m 45
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        Thanks for the quick input on this. I will try the 3M today. I didn't want to have to use mineral spirits to remove a pattern. I usually put painters tape down first and adhere pattern to that. Thanks again for the great info!

        Todd----Loving my EX-16


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          I use 3M 77 it works for me.

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            I am using 3M #77 and like it, it is also the only one I have ever tried.
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              DURO All purpose works well also. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart should all carry it.


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                I put down blue tape also and then attach the pattern to the tape. I figured out also that you must put a pretty heavy coat of loctite to really make it hold. I also use elmers glue but you have to wait for it to dry and with the spray it dries pretty fast. If I'm in a hurry I use the spray.


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                  I find 3M-77 works better for me. I have used several kinds and find this one to work the best. I also use blue tape just because do not want to mess with the resido left on the wood. Just my 2 cents worth.


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                    I had a ball today. Last year before Christmas I glued down a pattern on the wood (for a bowl) cut it and left it. The type where you cut out the rings on one piece of wood. Yep for the whole year. When I glue on a pattern it is on. After two and a half hours today got the pattern off. I did use MS and sander to clean it off. Now it is drying and the Bride will get her new bowl next Christmas. Naw, I'll give it to her next week. She is used to getting late Christmas presents.
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                      DURO also works well for me , Walmart carries this brand . You know I've used this Elmers and never had any problems with it - are you putting enough on it ...make sure that it's flatened out good after you spray it on & give it a little longer to dry ........MB
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                        I and a lot of members of our Club use the Xyron laminator for attaching patterns. It comes loaded with a permanent adhesive, but you can also purchase repositionable adhesive. When I use the permanent I also use blue tape. The system is a little pricy, but I bought it at AC Moore with a half off coupon. It really works great. I bought the nine inch model, Xyron 900, which so far has worked well for me.
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