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Please help with rotating candle pyramid

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  • Please help with rotating candle pyramid

    I really want to start making some rotating candle pyramids. I started by using a 2005 issue pattern by Volker Arnold and Tom Sevy. It came out great buy I can't get it to spin. I have been checking internet and found others had problem. I have tried to change from a 6 blade to 12 blade. It helped a little but still having problems getting it to work with candles, a fan works great. Does anyone have any suggestions. I really want to start my own designs, but I have to figure out how to get it to work first. Thanks for any help.

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    Below is a correction printed in the Spring 2006 issue with a correction to the dimensions so it will spin.

    Some of the pattern dimensions for the Rotating Christmas Pyramid, which appeared in Holiday 2005 (Issue 21) were incorrect. Here are the corrections to those dimensions.
    The lower ceiling platform should be 35/16" x 53/4". You will need to re-center your hole for the dowel. The slots for the lower roof section are also incorrect. First, determine the center of the roof pieces. Then measure 1" out on both sides of the center. This mark will be the INSIDE of the slots. Revised patterns for the lower ceiling platform and the lower roof section are included on the pattern pullout in this issue. Increase the size of the dowel rod to 71/2". Also, do not epoxy the nails in place until you have dry-assembled the entire project and have made sure that it spins properly.


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      Thanks. I will try this.


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