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    Hi Everyone. For some time i have been wanting to have a go at doing portrait type scroll saw work, I think that is the right term. I am not sure if I have done them the right way but it is certainly something I want to learn to do properly so if anyone can give me some advice I would be very grateful.

    The animals themselves are made from 3/8th Maple and the backing boards are 1/4 birch plywood, all that I had at the time. I sprayed the backing boards with spray on black car paint and the animals were sprayed with shellac sealer and then acrylic satin finish spray. I don't suppose for one moment this is the correct way, it is more experiment than anything but I am firmly hooked on doing a lot more of this and would love to learn to do it properly. Thanks everyone in advance for any tips and guidelines.
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    Fretnot, beautiful cuttings, hard to believe they are your first. What is the correct way? Don't know if there is a definite answer to that. This is an art, not something that comes off an assembly line. Myself, being the lazy person that I am, puts one of those foam sheets, usually black, for a backing. Some people use fabric. Some do like you and paint the backer.
    Just keep doing what your doing and more of it.


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      Fretnot, very nicely done. Like Fran says, there are many ways to display your art. Many different materials you can use for backers. I use 1/8" luan either stained or painted as a backer. I then make a frame and try to match the color of the frame to the backer. I like the way you have done yours.
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        If the end result is pleasing to the eye...then it must be "right".
        I think your work is beautiful. I hope I can do as well when I get my saw.


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          Absolutely wonderful artwork!


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            Nice job of cutting and with finishing. Remember, different strokes for different folks. I have personally finished my projects how I want to, depending on the results that I would like to obtain. Also, they are by no stretch perfect, but some do come out with decent results. Good job, again.


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              Hi Fretnot,

              Nice job. Looks like clean and crisp cutting, and a nice finish.

              In the end there is no right and wrong way, just our own way, and if they work for you then they are right. (Your's works btw )

              I used to do the craft fairs when doing pyro work, and often you would get someone who did say pottery or some other craft. They may say oh I like that but I would have done this here, or that there. hehe, yes but that's their way, not my way I would say.

              Not that I am opposed to suggestions mind, or constructive critisism which I would encourage,

              Everyone has a different eye, but as far as my eye see's, your work looks great.
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                Thanks everyone for your comments, much appreciated. I am pleased that I am on the right track. I have just been out and bought some 4mm and 2.5mm MDF and when i have finished my future portraits using this material I will frame some of them. I also bought some new black spray on paint with a satin finish as I have been told MDF is ideal for a spray on paint job so over the following days I will be trying some new techniques and will post on here what I have made.


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                  The "correct" way is the way that works for you. Ultimately that is a choice each one of us makes, based on our own objective and subjective criteria. Does the method achieve the desired look? Does it do so without being an excessive burden in time, material or money? Does it make use of materials and skills you are comfortable working with? If the answer to these questions is generally yes, then it is the "correct" way for you. The beauty is that you can feel free to change any of the criteria or methods used as you see fit. If you learn of a new technique or material or process you can certainly change your methods to incorporate it and that doesn't make your old way suddenly incorrect. It just means that you're making progress.

                  BTW, the cuttings look great! The results indicate that your method is as correct as it needs to be until you decide you want to change it.

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                    Many thanks Bill. You have really encouraged me to keep on going. The things we do on the scroll saw do not come without a few frustrations. Earlier today I cut two pieces of 1/4 ply to fit inside two frames and I stack cut the two pieces, or rather i had attempted to. I glued the pattern onto the face and then used clear tape to hold the two pieces together. I then took it to the drill press to drill a series of 1/16th holes for the piercing and then made a start. I have never experienced anything like it, the number three blade would not cut where I wanted it to go, it was as if it were possessed. I did four cut outs and then had to abandon the idea to the rubbish bin. After a cup of coffee and calm nerves once again I have another attempt, this time with a different pattern, a new blade and now i am half way through it and it is fine. I have no idea why the first one behaved the way it did,


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                      Sometimes blades can be kind of flaky. I've changed blades and the new one seems duller than the one I was replacing. No idea why this is so, but it happens.
                      Homer : "Oh, and how is education supposed to make me feel smarter. Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain."


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                        Making "IT" differently is what makes us Artists. It's easy to follow directions (well most of the time) but when we can think outside the box and find our own way of making something, it is called "Art" Your work is wonderful. Keep doing what you are doing....or change the whole thing and do it's always up to you!


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