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  • First step.


    I introduced myself the other day, and have been busy reading up on site some. Thought I would make a first proper post and start the journey to scrollership

    Past week I have been finishing tidying up my old back of garage workshop that has been used over the years for general household tasks, and Motorcycle repairs, etc, so it was leaky, drafty, and not very well organised for its new usage. Anyhow its clean, less drafty and I have practically lived in it since mid week getting it fit for purpose at last, hehe.

    Anyhow, after doing some very wayward scroll attempts briefly when setting up the machine and gettig to know its little quirks and its funky tension settup I decided to cut something as a first time scroller that would pose a challenge to me.

    I have a few old test pieces laying around from when I used to do the Pyrography and chose a small portion as a test cut. It was on 6mm Birch faced ply and I cut out a small section about a couple inches long to try and get better control.

    Will tag the pic.

    I have waited before trying anything proper as yet till my new blades arrived.
    I bought some Olsen's and am awaiting an order from Mike of the FD-UR and FD-SR blades, as the 5 blades I revieved with the machine I wore through pretty quick setting up the machine and getting used to the funky tension set up it uses.

    In the meantime I have a project set up and the wood bought in and just awaiting Mikes blades, then I will start it and post picks when I am done.

    Won't look much to the seasoned scroller no doubt but after all the hard work setting up my old shed I thought I would crow at my little success.

    hehe, never know maybe a forest will grow from this little twig.
    The Journey Is Everything.

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    Very well done for a first attempt! You're off to a great start!

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    Don't let the pain of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.


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      Absolutely great! I am thinking of getting myself an iron and trying some of that on a project or two. You are well on your way.


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        Thanks, I think that some pryo work on selected projects would look great, hence my foray into scrollworking, here are some pics from when I did the fairs a few years back.

        I think you can see, that they lend themselves very much to piercing, and scrollwork can depending on design can be enhanced with pyro work.

        Not much work would have to be done to say pierce these examples. But looking at it from the scrollsaw end, then one could incorporate pyro to create just as effective embelishment.
        The Journey Is Everything.

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          You have a good deal of talent. Welcome to the family..
          "Still Montana Mike"

          "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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            Yes. I will endorse what Mike said, you have a wonderful talent and I am sure we are going to see some amazing scroll saw work from you soon with some even more pyrography art work. Don't be put off when you make a mistake, we all had to learn. You are getting some really good blades from Mike and half the battle is having a good blade.


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              I have been doing pyro about nine years, though did do it less these past three.
              I have always had a creative streak since a young lad, and it took me till late 40's to find wood and pyro were my thing alas. Just sorry I did not get the itch earlier .

              I have seen a hell of a lot of greta talent over the years when I did the fairs and it felt good that I was then part of that scene. It took a while before I realy accepted that I was not bad at it. I hope I can get to grips with scrolloing in the same way, they are very similar in lots of ways.

              Just the tools are different, the hand and the mind still have to imagine, design and work out how to impliment for an end result. I have learned so much this past few weeks watching Steve Good videos I tripped over on youtube (among others), and other videos linked from various sites like this one.

              I have watched endless videos on getting around the limitations of equipment and making jigs etc, so I must have the bug pretty bad already Lol.

              Once my new blades arive I am going to make a Steve Good clock for my wife. Already got the wood (Tulipwood and Mahogany) sized and prepared with minor alterations of my own, ready for my blades to arrive.

              Probably won't incorporate pyro till I get a better feel for scrollwork, but already I have ideas I want to pursue.

              The Journey Is Everything.


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