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  • Notepads

    I have been cutting notepads for a craft show I am doing this Saturday, from 10-3, at the Woodland School in Warren, NJ. The how to step by step pictures are posted on the Works in Progress Forum and I want to thank Kim (aka ikbraa) for her patterns for the dog, cat, and chicken pads and her numerous suggestions and encouragement.

    The basic technique is borrowed from John Polhemus and Tom Zieg articles but with my twists. I cut the reams of paper to size on my bandsaw, then tape the bundle, with the paper ream wrapping still in place, tightly together with low tack blue tape and put two thick coats of padding compound on one end.
    I then pick off bundles of 50 sheets, hold each bundle together with a removable label; separate two or three bundles (this depends on the weight of the paper) from the ream as a unit; wrap them tightly with plain paper; then using blue tape tightly tape 1/16 plywood pieces to the top and bottom areas I will be cutting, and put the pattern on the wood.
    I drill the access holes and I use a #2 skip tooth blade to cut the pattern since the plywood takes the splintering not the bottom or top sheets of paper. When I'm finished cutting, I remove the plywood and paper wrappings, cut some chipboard to size, stack a bunch of pads and backers, clamp them, and attach it to the back of each pad by applying 2 more thick coats of padding compound.

    The pads are in three basic sizes, 5 1/2" x 8"; 4" x 6"; and 3 1/2" or 4" x 8". How many sizes I get depends on the size of the paper in the reams I get from a local paper supplier I use.

    As usual, all comments and criticisms that help me become a better scroller are greatly appreciated.


    3 large pads 1.jpg3 large pads 2.jpgpaper cutting 6.jpgshopping list, 2 medium pads.jpgsmall pads 1.jpgwoof, meow, scratch.jpg
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    This is truly very clever...your cuts look great! I bet your going to sell a lot of them


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      Very very nice.


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        Those are great. I am anxious to see how they sell.


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          Good luck at the show. Remember your camera.....
          "Still Montana Mike"

          "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
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            George you did a knock out job on those!!! I cannot believe how many different patterns you have...I hope they all sell out!

            Good Luck and let us know how the show goes!
            ~ Kim

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