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Questions on dust collection

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  • Questions on dust collection

    I would like to have tips on an easy to set up, simple and cheap, and effective dust collection system.
    I never had anything set up in my old workshop, but in the new one...or the one I"m getting ready now....I would like to have something setup to help on dust and chips. I have read the tip from someone on here about the box fan setting by your saw with a filter on it. Going to keep that in mind. With another system combined with that at the bandsaw and scrollsaw that would help alot.

    If some of you could post your best tips and suggestions...maybe I could glean from you all and come up with something when I get my shop put together.

    I USED to have a shop vac......but loaned it to my grandson...and he tore it up.
    Won't be loaning anything else to that boy.
    Before I buy anything I'd like to get tips and suggestions from you all.

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    I think the best thing to incorporate is a dust seperator.That will allow you to have a finer-micron filter that won't get plugged up fast because almost everything ends up in the separator.

    I got the Oneida Dust Deputy unit,and attached it alongside my Rigid vac ( the quiet one),then put the HEPA filter in the vac.Works well for something with a 2.5 inch diam.hose,and wasn't expensive.I've emptied the 5 gallon bucket several times,and yet the inside of the vac container has nothing in it whenever I check it.

    I also use a 4-inch dust right vac from Rockler,that I made the separater out of a 12 in cement form from Home Depot,and used the scroll saw to cut out the holes in the wooden ends to make a base/rolling platform,and the lid.The 2 angled fittings only costed around $25.00 or so.This thing works great! Overall cost was not much.

    I don't know if these ideas will help much,but thought i'd throw them out there since I'm happy with the results I got.The filters/boxfan setup sounds like a winner too.

    If you care to see pics,I have some on my Photobucket pen-making scrapbook,at

    Pictures by ossaguy - Photobucket

    ( the shop vac/dust deputy is on the first page, pic #2 , and the DIY separator is on the last page,#69-73....please excuse all the pen pics! Hope to have some scrolling stuff on there soon! )

    Also,I was flipping thru the current Fine Woodworking magazine at the grocery store the other day,and they have an extensive write-up/review of dust collection,and they test several vacs,and separators.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!

    Take care,
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      I have the cyclone from Bill Pentz's website. It is scaled down for my shop vac. I've seen them built out of cardboard, plastic, and aluminum flashing. It used to be manufactured by Clearvue, but some company (Oneida) threatened to sue, so to avoid the hassle and expense they stopped making them.

      I also use the filter on the fan. It works well cleaning the air that I breathe. It doesn't do much to help with cleanup, but I don't sneeze as much when I'm cutting.

      I saw a video once where Steve Good put the intake of a large (6") collector a couple of feet below his cutting table, it kept a lot of dust off the floor.
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        Hi Catlyn.

        I am in the UK but with both of us dust is dust. It has taken me a while to get my workshop just as i want it.I also work from a spare room that is just used for scroll aw work. Dust was a huge problem for me. I have now got a 35 litre shop vac by Numatic, it is quiet and very efficient and this is connected to my excalibur 21 and dewalt 788 but I also connect it up to my band saw and other machines when I use them. I also have the small jet air filter which again is very quiet and now dust is a problem of the past. I don't know if you intend doing anything else apart from scroll saw work like wood working in general. If not then the set up I have would be more than adequate. It is very important to have some form of extraction. If you are on a tight budget then you can make your own air filter with a household fan and if you go down this route you can use the filters you use in cooker hoods and they can be cut to size. You can also use the green scourer pads for washing the dishes and can get large ones of these.


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          Ok, thanks guys! At least I have something to go on now.
          I don't know what I'll end up with but I have to do some kind of dust collection.
          I used to use a router quite a bit, when I was doing woodcrafts and that thing really makes the chips fly.They get everywhere....all over a shop. I don't know if there's anything I could do to keep that from happening. I thought about making a 3-sided box like thing to set up behind the router so that the chips could only fly so far.
          There are some things I want to make that need the edges rounded off a bit.
 IS a woodworking shop. There is going to be dust and chips. Sometimes ya just gotta get the shop vac and start sucking it up I guess.
          I can't wait to get my shop in working order.


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