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suggestions for best magnifier?

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  • suggestions for best magnifier?

    I have a magnifying lamp which probably magnifies about 3X. It's great for average sized cuts, but I felt some eye strain when I cut an ornament with lots of small cuts.

    Any suggestions for a quaility high powered magnifer, either a lamp/magnifier combination, or a visor type of magnifier? I'd probably want at least a 5X magnifier (not sure if they go higher than that).

    Many thanks for any suggestions!

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    Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp-White*: magnifiers*: lighting*: Shop |

    This one is half off.. not sure for how long.. I tried the 2.25X and it was too big for me.. not sure how the 2x 5x and there numbers compute.

    The white light is great.

    They sold out..........
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      I use a head maginifier like the ones jewlers use except mine has different lens to attach depending on the maginification I need it goes from 4x up to 20x and even has 4 led lights on it though I don't use the lights. I don't remember how much it cost but do believe I got it at harbor frieght. It was a long time ago and I use it daily.
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        Check out Judy Gale Roberts website at Judy Gale Roberts Intarsia. She has a magnifying lamp with interchangeable 3 diopter and 5 diopter lenses.



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            These suggestions are very helpful, and I'll follow up on them to see what's out there. Thanks again, it's much appreciated!


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              when i have a little extra cash im going to get the magnifier light from Rockler
              Rockler LED Work Light with Magnifying Head - Rockler Woodworking Tools
              this comparison has me sold on which one to get.
              just wish it was on sale!

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                I bought this one.
                Long Reach, GXOMAG8082-8 , Illuminated Table Clamp: Electronics

                I got the extra reach so that I could have it at the back of my machine set up and it arches over. Cheap enough, good magnification, (4" lens), quite good articulation and I use a 40 watt golf ball bulb which suits me fine. I bought it because the machine I am practising on has a stocky foot that is intregal to the blade guide, making it hard to follow the lines. This zooms me right in where the action is.

                Still getting used to the enlarged image as my hands want to get in closer, it's as if my head is saying my hands are too far from where they should be, but with practice and muscle memory this will pass I am sure with enough use.
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                  I agree with keystone cop......go with the Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp-White*: magnifiers*: lighting*: Shop | I've had mine for over a year and its fantastic. I got mine at Judy Gale Roberts as someone mentioned she sells them.


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                    I got mine from grizzly it is the one with the biggest lens it has 2lights and is very bright I have one of the normal size ones and hate it now the one with the big lens is.great so I thank the bigger lens the better


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