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  • 6" blades

    Does anyone know if they still sell the 6" blades and who sells them?
    FD Mike
    SD Mike

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    Scroll Saw Blades Scroll Saw Blades** 6" Long
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    The other John A. Nelson
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      Thanks John,
      I forgot about Frank.
      I just sent the customer to his web site.
      FD Mike
      SD Mike


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        you da man Mike.
        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          Hey Mike, just tell him to buy yours and cut off an inch. Opps, something was wrong with that statement. Let me figure it out...
          Chuck D

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          Jean De La Bruyere...

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            The blade would only be 4 inches long.
            He could take a small band saw blade and cut them to length.
            FD Mike
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            SD Mike


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              I was given an AMT scroll saw that works nicely. Unfortunately, it has no manual or model number.
              I need to replace a broken blade with new blades but the Olson (5" model 15TPI pin end) blades won't fit the adapter.

              The plate on the scroll saw says: "Measure overall length of blade and both blade holders 5 7/8" to 6 1/8". (Note: there is no bottom adapter, that I can find, on this saw)

              Can anyone tell me what I need and where I can purchase the blades and adapters for this AMT saw?



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