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making toy car wheels

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  • making toy car wheels

    I made about 60 toy cars from the magazine and wonder if there is a simple way of making the wheels which will turn out a consistant size .

    I made some 1" with 1/8" axle hole on the scrollsaw .The drill press axle hole was never consistant .

    Other than purchasing is there a simple method ?


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    Check out this link Roger, may be of some help....Tips and tricks using your drill press
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      WD, that was going to be my answer. I used a hole saw for the wheels. The 1/4 in drill bit for the center of the hole was perfect for the axle but I used a slightly bigger bit for the axle hole in the car.
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        I too used to use a hole saw on my drill press. I didn't like how much sanding I had to do. I have an easier method. I buy dowels the size I need and cut them--carefully--on my chop saw. I usually have about four inch piece left over. I don't want to get too close the blade. I then make a jib with a hole saw to place my newly cut wheel in to make the holes for the axles. Works great and is quick.


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          I looked @ the hole saws but I couldn't find one with an 1/8" bit . The closest I got to a descent center was by using a wood lathe.

          WD, interesting ideas in the link .

          Looks like the dowel and jig might be the answer .

          Thanks for the suggestions .



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            Cherry Tree has this wheel cutter (Wheel And Circle Cutter) that looks like it would work. A little expensive unless you are doing a bunch and it sounds like you are.

            I thought I saw a wheel cutter that was more like a Forstner bit that would round the edges but I don't remember where that was.

            Hope this helps.
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              There is another way. 5 In. Circle Cutter-5B at The Home Depot

              I have been using this type of cutter for years and have made literally 100s of wheels. The cutter itself is easy to sharpen and I have used it to cut wheels out of pine and Red Oak.


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                1/8" dowel is too weak for an axle on a toy. 1/4" is the standard for 1" wheels or larger. I make a lot of toys and sell them and I buy my wheels but I used to make them, but only the larger ones like 2". I feel it is safer and quicker to buy pegs made for toy wheel axles and attach wheels using them instead of dowels.
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                  I have a hole saw and a lathe and have made my own. Drilled them and then put on the lathe to sand and add a little detail.

                  I like to use the wheels with treads and when I figured out it was not worth my time to make when I can buy those for 20 cents at Stockade in Canada when I buy 100. (25 cents less qty). I have made a couple of trucks that use dual wheels, I just glue 2 together.

                  One inch contour are only 9 cents which I use on the alphabet train.

                  I now just buy them. For things like this I am thankful $5 bills where invented.

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                    I have looked @ windsor plywood wheels @ 20 cents ea. and BearWoods with a $25.00 mininum order plus sh.

                    Lots of options .Thanks,


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                      I like to use a hole saw to cut the wheels, and then put several of them together on a piece of allthread. I then mount them in my lathe and smooth them up making them all the same size and sanded smooth at the same time. If you add a washer or 2 between the wheels you can also round the sides of the wheels at the same time you are smoothing them up.


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