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    What's everyone's choice for backing material for pieces that require that? Construction paper? Thin painted wood? colored felt? Thanks as always.

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    I use felt for most of my portraits. If they are framed behind glass, the felt looks nice and won't collect dust. Sometimes, though, I paint the backer board (usually a matte color). Construction paper will fade over time.
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      I agree with Dan but I have also used fabric that I filched from my mother's sewing room.


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        I buy my felt by the yard at walmart for 3.00 - 4.00 a yard. It's my preference for backer



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          99% of the time I use 1/4" or 1/8" luan(door skin). I spray flat black or stain for contrast.
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            My preference is stained Oak plywood. I prefer a natural wood look. Sometimes I will use painted Baltic birch plywood. I make my own frames and glue the work and backer board into the frame.
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              It depends on the specific piece. I like using black acrylic,sometimes mirror acrylic too, but Ive also used black velvet matt board,or dyed, painted, or stained plywood backing. Each project gets its own individual consideration for the backer.
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                Poster board or mat board will hold up much better then construction paper.
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