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    Hello All,
    Well I made a light box out of cardboard awhile back........Ohhh no !! now I need a bigger one but where in earth am I going to store it. Well I was thinking of making one out of plywood and having the inside painted with (?) gloss enamel paint or flat paint ? and on the sides small windows for lighting. I was thinking of putting the box on wheels so I could roll it around the garage. The front would have a door that swings up and I would have a light mounted inside up on top of door. Well what do you guys think? Thanks for the input...Karl

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    Well, now, I have alot to learn still....
    what is a light box used for?
    Drying a project maybe?


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      a light box is used for taking good quality pictures of your woodworking so up can put them on a website. you get the same quality as the pictures that you see in the magazine. search "light box" on youtube and you will see.


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        My daughter uses a light box that I made for her several years ago to trace patterns for her card making hobby. I used some opaque plastic from a florescent light fixture to spread the light evenly over the entire surface.


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