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rbi scrollsaw broke

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  • rbi scrollsaw broke

    I have a rbi 220vs that the variable speed control does not work, motor works fine. Got in contact with hawk but they don't carry parts for the variable speed control. Called grainger but they don't carry variable speed control for ac motor that has a capacitor. Hawk does have a dc motor and control but want's 350.00
    dollars but i really would like to fix the one i have. I tride to get this one fixed but it has a special chip in it that they can't find anywhere.Can anyone help please.

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    Could you plug the saw into a variable speed router switch?

    Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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      thanks for the reply karl but router's are dc motors so the control won't work
      i tried it though


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        Many of the metal working "mini-lathes" use this type of control. You could try on the mini-lathe group on Google. There was a place in Arizona(?) called Uncle Rabid's that repaired them at very reasonable prices. All that Hawk wants to do is to scam you into buying an expensive replacement.

        You can try these places: home page



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          I was hoping to see a good answer to this question as I have the same problem. Had a wire short out and when I got it repaired, the motor runs fine but the variable speed controller only has one speed - ultra fast.


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            Have you tried a electrical motor shop that rebuilds motor?

            Another option could be one of these:
            Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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              AC/VS drive

              That drive with the Capacitor AC motor also used a 16 point magnetic wheel that provided speed feedback to the controller. Sometimes those shatter and all control is lost. I found mine on the floor once and glued it back together. Have been on lookout for a new wheel, everytime I get into a site with electronic parts and to no avail. I read where others on this forum have lost the timing wheel. For what its worth. If Bushton provides a replacement like on the newer 226 VS and G4 series with DC drive then their are several machined parts and a bearing that could justify the cost. I wish they would publish a catalog. JIM L


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