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Wine Bottle Balancers

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  • Wine Bottle Balancers

    I needed something quick and easy to take to a friends party last night and I found this wine balancer pattern. It was quick and to make! The pattern is by Vernon Mayer and can be found on the Woodworkers Guild of america site as the Mystifying Balancing Wine Bottle Holder with plans and instructions. My friends were indeed mystified!

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    I have made some of these , but they were a different design..I think I like the plans you used better ...take a look at my post ..just messin around , in general scroll saw forum.
    I will definately be loking up the plans for this as i will be making one soon!


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      Nice work Tammy , never seen this design before - like it ....MB ....
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        Sweeeeet cuts Tammy and thanks for pattern info. Were the bottles still balanced with the wine gone out of them..........
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          Nicely done.

          Here is a direct link to the article.

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            Tammy,Boy I wish I had a friend like you,did you bring the wine too?(L0L) Lance


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              that is very nice work thanks for sharing.


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                I did bring the wine too...and does not balance an


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                  Really nice project an very cool idea. I got out in my shop found some scrap red oak and made one. I'll take it to work tomorrow to show it off and I think I give it to my boss if she drinks wine. I'm also going to make one to give to the owner of our favorite Italian Restraint I think it will look nice on the bar. Thanks so much for sharing this great project.
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                    Nice work Tammy!
                    I made one for my son-in-law.

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                      Very nice Tammy, no whinos in my house so I don't see any being made here though. Very cool idea.

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