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Cutting figures from old CD's

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  • Cutting figures from old CD's

    Some place I heard someone had cut out Christmas decorations from old CD's. Have any of you guys tried this and do you have any tips as to blade and speed.

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    I refer you to this thread...

    Also this one..

    and this one.....

    Hope you find this helpful.
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      I played around in the shop today and tried out suggestions on cutting the CD's. I was so surprised with the silver chipping off but found that if I put the clear package tape on the disk, both sides, the silver came off and left a clear cut figure. I think I am going to do some more experimenting and maybe cut out some figures, then spray paint the clear plastic figures and then paint the details with craft paint. I had the saw set for a slow speed and didn't have any problems with the plastic breaking or chipping or melting back together and used a #5 blade.


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        Barbsbus, Just got a book( Big Book Of Christmas ornaments and decorations) in it there is some on cutting cds, run your saw at a lower speed go slow and put cd on 1/4 plywood and us a new blade also wear saftey glasses.use blue paniters tape. I hope this helps. Lance


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          I will try with the blue painter's tape.


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