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  • Black Lines or Red Lines

    Since working with Judy Gale Roberts, I have appreciated her patterns coming with red lines rather than black. I find it easier to maintain a good cut on a red line. The blade doesn't blend with the red line as it does with the black.

    It didn't seem hard to get used to and no retraining period was required. I have included a sample file if anyone wants to compare.


    Can SSWC print patterns using red lines instead of black lines? Or is there a copyright issue happening there?
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    Mick, - Delta P-20

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      I agree with the red lines being easier to see. Luckily my printer will print in red so sometimes I scan the pattern, change the lines to red, then print it out.
      Dan H

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        I like Red lines, but have found green to be almost as good. I also like a light gray in the areas to be cut out.. better for drilling holes.

        I have used Inkscape to change colors of some files (PDF's) and to change there size.
        (I am not the one to give instructions, but after following a few tutorials, I got it to work. Maybe someone can point you to the right place.(I lost the links)
        The other John A. Nelson
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          The red line is easier to stay where you want the blade. Having a dark blade can get lost cutting into a black line. Once you go red, you will never go back.


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            Colored ink cartridges are too expensive. I'm cheap that way and prefer to use my black toner.
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              I've never cut with red lines, I can see why they would be easy to see.

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                Unless you're using the original to do your cutting, it's best they remain black because that gives the best copy.

                I believe if the user want's a colored line, they can figure out how to do it. Then they can make it whatever color they want.


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                  If you use Rapid Resizer it will print out the final pattern in red.
                  Chuck D

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