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Importance of securing stand to floor?

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  • Importance of securing stand to floor?

    Hi, folks. I have a silly question. I just got a new saw, and for the first time, got the matching stand. The instructions say to make sure you secure the stand to the floor before using the saw. My question is, how important is it to secure the stand to the floor? I mean, I'm sure it would reduce vibration, but how much? It's not going to hurt my floor, if I don't secure it to the floor, is it? Thanks for your help!
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    What kind of saw is it?

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      I have a 788 and I can't imagine an actual need to attach it to the floor.
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        Mine is not secured to the floor. I suppose it would help a little but it is probably them trying to cover their fannies in case someone tips over the saw. Which would take quite a bit of tipping. Personal preference I think.
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          Good, thanks! It's a DeWalt 20" (DW788).
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            I have a DeWalt with the factory stand and see no reason to secure it to the floor. I think it would take a really serious effort to tip it over.


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                I have 2 Delta saws and they aren't secured to the floor.

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                  I move my saw occasionally and that would really cramp my style to have it bolted down.
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                    Seems like a majority. I have a Delta with a factory stand and don't secure it. Probably the company had to put that in the instructions for liability reasons.

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                      What kind of floor do you have. Some wooden floors can increase vibration in the saws, although, the D788 is well known for it's smoothness.

                      My Dewalt is not bolted to the floor and is very smooth, however; it is a tiled cement floor. Perhaps they recommend bolting to some of the wooden floors.

                      Test your saw. If it is steady & doesn't vibrate, don't worry about it. If it does vibrate, you may want to consider a harder floor.
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                        I once had a DeWalt and it worked fine without being secured to the floor. I now have two Hegnars and both NEED to be bolted to the concrete foor to keep vibration to an acceptable level.
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                          Being a journeyman union carpenter, I am in the habit of securing tools like this. Precautions like this are mandatory on a job site, and after years and years and 100's of jobs, that mindset carries over into your personal life.
                          So I would most likely bolt it down, but I don't see it being a real hazard if you don't.
                          I got 2 scoll saws but I have them on a bench, where they are both bolted down.


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                            I have a Dewalt 788 it is not secure and never had a problem.


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                              Thanks, folks. Seems we have a consensus. I have a concrete floor, and I won't be putting holes in it. Thanks again for all the input!
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