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    A new store is openning in town featuring antique, vintage and "shabby chic".
    was hoping to approach with scroll sawn items.
    But... do not know what will fit this venture...if anything.
    any ideas would be appreciated...
    So far iv'e come up with scroll sawn fancy porch brackets and corbels...

    Be the good,
    you want to see in the world...

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    Hi Rob,

    Whereabouts in Western Pa are you from?

    I admit, when I first saw the phrase "shabby chic", scroll saw items were the last thing it brought to mind. But then again, what do I know? I would suggest speaking personally to the proprieter of the new shop to see what kind of items they are selling. Maybe take some pictures of your work along to show them.
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      Shelves with a distressed look, try crackle paint on them. Welcome signs, key racks, portraits with distressed frames. Just take a few minutes and make your items look distressed fro the shabby and make some elegant looking ones for the chic side. Votive candle holders, luminaries.
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        I associate "Shabby Chic" (which is a copywrited/trademarked name by the way...) with the manner of painting style. As Mike said, the crackled paint along w/roses and ribbons etc.
        Since the store is also selling antiques and vintage items, you may find that not everything will fall under the shabby chic lable and that they will accept the scrolled items too.


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          Bill, Mike,Theresa,
          thank you for your responces.
          I now have an idea,how to proceed,and can adjust with the owners,being more informed now.
          Bill,I am in Shaler township.
          Be the good,
          you want to see in the world...


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            I knew a shabby chick once.
            Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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              Shelves with scroll work in the brackets and the whole shelf painted with distressed technique.


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