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Steve Good's Winchester 1873

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  • Steve Good's Winchester 1873

    When I received this pattern from Steve Good I knew I had to cut it next.
    The pattern called for using 3 1/4" pieces for the stock but after cutting the center one I thought it would be too thick. I used 1/8" for the outside pieces and it came out ok.
    The light colored plate where the bullets are put in was to be 1/8" but I cut them from the 1/8" and used the belt sander to grind off two layers of the three ply.

    Steve makes some really great patterns and this is going to be my fav for a while.

    I painted on black stamp pad ink for the metal parts, the stock is black walnut stain and the plate is from the watco exterior oil that I soaked it in.

    I stack cut these so there will be more coming soon.
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    Impressive. Thanks for sharing.
    "Still Montana Mike"

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      Nice job Stephan. I was thinking about doing that one too. I'm just busy working on several others right now. You did really well on the colors. It really looks sharp. A great pattern of Steve's too.


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        Nice job on the Winchester. I also tried a version of this this past week and posted it yesterday, but seems to have gotten lost. I like the black ink on the barrels. Gives it a realistic look.
        Al B

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          Very nice. Thanks for sharing and God Bless! Spirithorse


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            Both guns look so real...nice work


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              You did one hellova sweeeet job on that project Stephen.......looks great.
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                Looks great,like the detail.


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                  What is the length? Have you expanded it from the pattern on Steve's site?


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                    Very realistic. Nice job Stephen and Al B.
                    DeWalt 788


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                      G'day Steve and Al,
                      Excellent rifles fellas.
                      I'd love to cut one and just may if I can convince the War Office that it is not just a dust collector.
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                        Excellent job. This pattern is on my to do list also.


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