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  • Boys will be boys

    Hey all here is my latest cutting just got done with it, The pattern is one i done a couple of mounths ago for someone i work with, Havent got it framed yet. did it with spirals it was better the secound time. lol.
    boys will be boys1.jpg
    Thanks for looking

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    Heh, heh, that is so cute. This pattern was your own design? Very good job and a real conversation piece. Thanks for sharing.

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      Thats funny! And different, did I mention funny?

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        Very Cute!
        much funnier than when my sons were the same age and tried to kill a bee on the windshield with a hammer.

        The picture brings back lots of fond memories.

        I can see that pattern being a big seller
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          Where can I get the pattern?
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            I love it to!!! Great pattern and yes, I think that piece would look great hanging anywhere!! Let us know where we can find a pattern like that! Dale
            Dale w/ yella saws


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              Hey thanks for the replys glad you all like it I made the patteren so if you want a copy just leave me a private mess. with your e-mail and i will send it to you as soon as i can. within a wk or 2 anyhow.
              Thanks again


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