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    I was wondering how you used small screws on 1/8" & 1/4" wood . When I put hinges ect. on I have to start them then back out and grand off the point.The smallest i found 8mm. Just wounding what others do.Thank you And this find forum.

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    Good question. I have wondered too. I have made do with washers and wooden spacers.
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    • #3 might want to check out SLOANS for a great assortment of short and dinky screws........most of their screws are of the phillips head type.......much easier to work with and respond well to magnetic tipped screwdrivers..most of my work is done useing 1/4 inch sure shorter are available.........however i have NEVER looked for anything smaller on their site. price is VERY reasonable and the shipping is fast.


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        Hello, When I have thinner woods and make wall hangings or crosses, I do not use the screw. I use super glue on the back of the hanger and a use a cotton swab to hold it against the metal part so that the glue does not come thru the screw hole and glue my finger to the wood. Do not ask me how I know this will happen. LOL I hope this helps.
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          Good question ! I have trouble finding any screws, locally, that are small enough to use on my turn buttons on my backer for portraits. Usually, they are larger quantities & cheaper too, if they are bought at a place like Sloan's etc. Thanks for the info.


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            I have been making the walls of my cedar boxes 3/8" thick because the smallest hinge screw I have found is 3/8" long. I need to look into those 1/4" screws at Sloans.
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              I buy my small screws from a company called Bolt Depot.
              I find threir priceses or very good , for the price of a few screwss in a hardware or any of the Big lumber supply stores you can get a box of 100.


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                I order all my small screws from Woodworking Tools and Supplies for Woodworking, Projects & Hobbys They have quite a few different sizes and are very fast at mailing their stuff out. Buy most all my clock inserts there too, and sawtooth hangers etc etc.



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                  I buy my little screws from LeeValley. It is also a source for the small screw eyes for birdhouse and ornaments.

                  They have a number of sizes at 1/4 inch.
                  Lee Valley Tools - Small screws


                  PS: They currently have free shipping on $40 orders.
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