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Blades a drifting

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  • Blades a drifting

    Wondering if I might be able to get a little guidance. My DW788 tends to rub against the table to the far back left corner. I know if I apply less pressure the blade will not drift. The tension is stong enough to a high pitched pluck. The set screw is centered, as a matter of fact I have moved it to the right in order to compensate. Any idea of what it might be since at this point it is shaving little by little at my table. Just wondering if it is something wrong with my flawless 788 or is it me. Thanks everyone who might know what is happening.

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    The blade should have enough tension so that it will not move in any direction more than 1/8". Did this just start happening or has it always been that way?
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      The blade was pretty steady up until about 1 year ago. I origianlly thought it was the pressure I was applying. 1/8 is about the amount I get when I apply pressure. The blades I use are all FD's.


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        Can you adjust your table? It sounds like the table may be off center a little. I'd loosen the trunions and try to move the table slightly to get the blade in the center of the cutting hole.
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          funny you should ask

          Wow, as soon as you mentioned that I happened to notice that I am missing a big black headed screw. The table will not stay at center. WOW thats amazing. Thank you for sugguesting that idea. Now I just have to find an IPB for my 788 and put one or order. Thank you very much for your help.
          Mick, thanks for your input as well


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