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    Christmas will soon be upon us, so lets get started with the Ornament Swap.
    To participate, please email your mailing address to

    I will gather addresses until Oct. 25th, then I will compile the list and
    email a copy to each participant, this should allow lots of time to get the ornaments made and shipped to our overseas friends.

    The rules for the ornament swap are quite simple;
    You cut and finish an ornament for each participant on the list and mail them out. Easy right!
    And you newbie scrollers, DON'T BE SHY, get your name on the list.

    Bob D, I understand, from other posts, you should get started cutting right away.

    I hope we get a lot of participants and make this the best swap ever.
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    Let me get this straight, you send an ornament to everyone on the list?
    If all of the members of this list sign up that could mean sending out a few hundred ornaments.
    Or am I misunderstanding.
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      Me thinks you need to rethink this one Marsha. I like the idea of an ornament swap, but definately don't want to make dozens or more nor do I want to receive that many.
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        If the list of names gets too large it could be broken down by the dozens.
        One does not have to cut hundreds of ornaments that way.
        Nor do we have to make a dozen different ornaments.
        You could stack cut 3 stacks of 4 and be done in an hour.

        It may be an idea to have the pattern designers on the forum to come up with our own little patterns for exchange here too.
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          I've got 7 already the ones I owe people from last year <grin>



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            Last year there were only 5 or 6 that participated. I'm willing to participate again, but would like to limit the number to 10 or 12 if we get a lot more participation. Will email.




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              You Are A-okay!

              THANK YOU for taking this task on Marsha!!!!!!

              I am "in", but would prefer to send and receive only 5 or 6. My max would be 10-12......

              And please take this as friendly advice - last year it took almost 1 month for
              1st class mail to get to our Canadian participants........... Mail moves VERY slow between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

              finally - good call reminding BobD to get going. I believe he had all of his "cut" last year in plenty of time.....
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                They are still packaged and ready to go! Just haven't gotten to the post office <grin>. So everyone who signed up last year is getting 2 from me this year <grin>



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                  Judging by the amount of active members on this site, (what I mean is we have over a thousand members, but they aren't all active) I have my doubts that we will get several hundred signing up for the swap.
                  Having said that, we could certainly divide the participants into groups if we get too many, or you could just choose from the list, the ones you want to send an ornament to.

                  I also can't afford to send out hundreds of ornaments, but I am in for a dozen. The date Oct. 25th was picked because it is 2 months, and I'm pretty sure the postal services of all countries get the parcels out in a month.

                  If you know you want to participate, and you know the limit you are prepared to cut and mail out, why not start now. There are hundreds of beautiful ornament patterns out there, I don't think it's necessary to wait for the holiday issue of SSWC, we could save those patterns for next years swap.

                  I think before we panic about the number of participants, we should just give it some time and see how many actually sign up.

                  If anyone wants me to change the cut off date, let me know, I'm open to all and any suggestions.

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                    Just trowing this out there. How about making a list of the ones wonting to particepate. and then posting the names on the forum. and letting the ones who want to send those folks ornements. they could get with you on the addresses. and the permition, from those folks. or they could already have given their permition to give it. don't know how that would work. but would be much cheeper for the address getter, to give on the replys. that way who ever wonted to send only 6 or more could do so. and the ones who wonted to send more could. gosh would that leave someone out. maybe with permition. they could agree to trade. does this make sence. I know, I would love to traid with alot of you ;hear. but money and time, is not what i have. Or. we could agree to make a sertain amount of ornements. and do a draw thing. not traiding, except buy personale Ims. and the ones producing the ornements , could send them to who they was chosen to send them too. a surprize. ok done. does this make sence. Evie


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                      My wife says I should. And who am I to argue with the queen bee? I agree 12 would be plenty. I just hope people don't expect something cut perfectly or a 3-D type of ornament.

                      I think picking and choosing who you want to send ornaments to would open a large can of worms. Also, there could be some hurt feelings. I could have a dozen done and nobody would want to trade with me. I'm afraid that some people would only choose to swap with the more experienced and talented scrollers which means I probably wouldn't get any (ornaments that is).

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                        Here's an idea for choosing who get's who for the swap, draw names from a hat. Just put everybody's name in a hat, start a list for somebody, then draw names and that's who they get. Each time you draw a name you can put a tick mark on the back of the paper so you know how many ornaments they are getting, and when they get 12 marks (or however many you decide) then their name can come out of the hat.

                        Just my 2 cents.
                        DeWalt DW788 & Dremel 1680


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                          I think these are all great ideas. and Mike. I would love to traid one with you. I have seen your work. and I would be blessed. would you? if I make some ornements. they would probably be out of ply wood. that is what would stack better , For me. not to mention the money for hard woods. I just can't think of anyone here that i wouldn't wont to traid with. but with limited income. it wouldn't be practbale. sooooo. this would be my problem. also. I just hate to bring this up. but the trust thing, on the addresses. I can't think of anyone here that i would worry about traiding address's with. but does this make any sence. I for one, am too trusting . most the time. but then thats how I get myself in trouble. we have are familys to think about. and there are lots of folks, like Marsha mentioned. to conseder. that we don't know. sooooooo. how do we remedy this. just wont to cover my butt. my hubby already thinks i am to trusting. and gives me some feed back. when i am to trusting. Ok am i out of line on this one. your friend Evie


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                            I think you bring up a very valid point about the address, and I think if you're nervous about giving me or anyone else your address then don't.
                            If you would rather set up a private swap with someone, then just PM them and ask if they would like to swap with you.
                            I only offered to do this, because it didn't seem like anyone else was stepping forward, and the subject of an ornament swap had been mentioned several times. I do not recall reading anything adverse about last years swap and I certainly did not intend to cause you or anyone else such concerns.
                            Nobody will think any less of you if you choose not to participate, it is entirely your decision.

                            LIFE'S SHORT, USE IT WELL


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                              I, for one, don't care what the ornaments are cut out of. Also, my name and address is free for the asking. If someone wants to come over to my house in Minnesota, hit me over the head and steal my ornaments, bring it on. I'll be waiting for you with a 5" skip tooth in my fist.

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