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Sloans Trip - Middle TN Scrollers

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  • Sloans Trip - Middle TN Scrollers

    Here is your opportunity to meet a few fellow scrollers. A few others and myself plan to meet up at Sloans at 10:00 am this Saturday (Sept 10) to shop a bit, then go get a bite to eat at Demos (It’s good) and talk shop.

    There is an off chance that Sloans will be closed, in which case, we will go right to the eating and talking shop. They are scheduled to be open but suggest calling. If that is a concern for you, you can call Sloans Sat. Morning at 1-615-453-2222 to verify they will be open.

    Sloans is located at: 3453 Callis Road, Lebanon, TN
    You can get more directions at:

    This is just an opportunity to meet with like minded enthusiasts. If you plan to go, you can PM me your info or just show up. Hope to see you there.

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    Not to hijack this thread into a food review, but I will second your opinion on Demos. Was there a few years back and wish I had the time/finances for another trip to that part of the country right now--for both activities.
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      Randy, how did it go? Did you get many to show up? Sorry I couldn't make it. I'll be interested in meeting in Nov if others are interested. I also agree on Demos!


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        Bill, Scott and myself met at Sloans and did eat at Demos'. It is very interesting to meet and talk about blades, finishing, saws, pattern making and such. Scott (Trellis) brought some of his intarsia to critique. My goodness, the pictures on the forum do not do his work justice. Keep an eye on that guy, his stuff is just incredible.

        Rhonda talked shop with us and I probably bought more than I could afford. Her perspective is pretty unique as well. Their store walls are decorated with many project that her, Dave, and friends have created. She was a lot of fun.

        Bill probably has more time on the saw than either Scott or I. Next time we will have to get him to bring some of his stuff. Bill drove quite a way to be there, and I'm glad he did.

        We did eat at Demos, but I couldn't tell you if the food was good or not. The food got tuned out in light of the conversation. Afterwards, Scott dropped by my shop to see my setup and to take the Hegner for a drive.

        For me, it was a blast.


        ps. Wedo, let us know when you in town, if I can arrange it, I'll buy you lunch. If not, we can see what Nov. looks like.
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          Yes, to all our fellow scrollers out there...we officially have a middle Tennessee scrolling club. As previously mentioned by Randy(Hotshot) there was a small turnout but we had a great time getting it kicked off and shared lots of tips, stories and did our best to stimulate the economy....Haha!

          I must thanks Hotshot for the kind words and for being the catalyst for this 'meeting of the minds'....My only wish will be that we might have a few more people attending next time with more of their pieces to 'brag' on.

          I might add that Hotshot brought an amazing detailed piece that he says he completed the day before but , you can tell, that his passion for the craft is truly expressed in the fantastic work he produces. I will try to upload the photos of us at Sloans woodshop.
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            Is That Rhonda in the second picture? She looks exactly like I expected!
            Dan in So.Ca.


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              It is. A lot of calls were coming in, but she still made time for us.

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                We made sorghum molasses that day and I couldn't come. I will watch for nov.


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                  Randy, Nov would work fine with me. thanks for your efforts in getting this started.


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