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It is time to think Christmas

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  • It is time to think Christmas

    With Christmas coming up I thought I would make a few of these for friends and charity auctions.

    The figure design was done by Stan Graves back in 1997 for some DuPont Corian craft kits. I think that I will rewrite the instructions since they included a lamp. I did not care for it. So I designed the cave.

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    " and now for something completely different..."

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    That is very nice. I like the "cave" idea.

    I have a suggestion for you in regards to posting pics, so they are not so large. Try using this method to upload them from your hard drive.

    Here is the preferred way to post photos. This method will apply a thumbnail so that messages load faster, keeping those who are still on dial up in mind.

    Click on the Go Advanced button under the reply box, Click on Manage Attachments, click Browse, find your file name on your computer, click it, then click Upload. It may take a few seconds to load.
    Once you see the file name under current attachments you can close the window.
    If you want you can Preview Post (a wise choice) then if all is well, click on Submit reply.
    Good luck
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      Image Management

      Thanks for the advice. I was embarrassed when I saw the picture, but i did not know how to change it.


      Don't be embarrassed, always feel free to ask for some guidance. Happy you were able to get it fixed.
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      " and now for something completely different..."


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        Nativity Sculpture

        I got the picture fixed. Thank you

        When I did, I found a picture of the original lamp by Stan Graves.
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        " and now for something completely different..."


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          Great project. Thanks for sharing.
          Paw Paw Ray


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            That's a beautiful project Ken. What did you cut it out of? Looks like plastic and counter top material. Don


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              Nice concept .


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                It is Corian. 3 1/4" pieces for each figure and 1/2" for the base and cave.

                The figures are laminated after cutting. I could have heated and bent the cave as well. Maybe next time.

                " and now for something completely different..."


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