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  • Jack pot yahoooo

    I was driving around yesterday and saw these sitting and not really knowing what I was looking at, I was looking from a ways off I asked the guy if I could have them? he said yeah I going to throw them away any ways. so I said I will be back tomorrow. well to my surprise it is all really grade "A" plywood very few knots. they were made to ship parts on to a construction site. now what on earth am I going to do with them hmm they are all 16" x 32" and the runners are 4x4 cut in half.
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    Isn't it funny how we just can't resist free wood. Good luck on coming up with a project. Congrats on the good find.
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      You just look tooo happy!
      DeWalt 788


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        Well you can always send them to me here in Mentor. I am sure I can find a use for them. Great find!

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          Yeah Sally I am really happy it is almost time and I can go into hibernation in my garage. I want to get back to my scroll saw but outside chores are keeping me away AHHH. but I am one step closer got some of my wood stocked up.


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            Man you done good.

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              I have used runners like that to make several bandsaw boxes...and of course you can always find a use for the plywood...


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                Great find.


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                  Looks like your going to be very busy. Just watch out for nails and embedded junk that could really screw up the blades on a planer or break the blade of a bandsaw.

                  A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                    Free wood is my favorite kind. I noticed that the skids the steel coil come on at work were a lot heavier than the pine and spruce pallets we usually get. I started saving them and found out that the tops are poplar and the runners are ash, hickory and oak. Planed and resawn they make excellent (if narrow) planks. I also have found some really nice poplar and even a little red oak among the rough cuts that are used as dunnage for outgoing steel. A few of my co-workers are always on the look out for any piece of OSB or plywood they can salvage, but no-one besides me is interested in the hardwood.


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                      Great find,
                      It'll come in handy for a thousand things. If the wife lets you keep them around long enough to think up uses.
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