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  • Ooooops!

    I should have held on a bit tighter when using the flex drum sander. You know how you need to sand just a "tad" bit more? Ole "Bessy" made it over the moon alright, but sure did not stand a chance with the landing! (cement garage floor)


    Have to just smile and move on.

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    Sorry for the accident. That is why I hand sand mine after they are cut


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      I've done that a few times, makes you sick.
      Sometimes you can glue them back together.

      Delta P-20 & Q-3

      I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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        Sweeeeeet cut, sorry about your oooops, I did that recently trying to sand a wooden comb I cut. Chuck it up to "I won't try that again".
        Gloria ............... Two memorable things to say in life, "Hello" for the first time, and "Good-bye" for the last.


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          Stuff happens. We have all been there.
          Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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            Ahhhhh Poor Bessy. I have done that a time or two myself.

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              Been there, done that, also! Was really looking good, Danny!



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                I thought I was the only one that made that type of mistake. Looks great though even though in pieces.
                Taking It Real Easy

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                  Moooooooooo!!!! OUCH!! Been there, done that. Crazy Glue helps heal wounds.

                  A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

                  delta 650, hawk G426


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                    Heart breaking, but hope a lesson learned. I think most of us have been there with you.
                    Paw Paw Ray



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                      Been there Danny.

                      I did it twice last winter with the same piece, it was a Steve Good pattern for that story cross. Cut it, sanded it, dropped it, smashed, cut it again, sanded it, dropped it ....

                      Still pees me off, but my fingers were so cold. This year I've insulated the workshop and installed a wood burner.

                      All the best on the next one
                      Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.


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                        I'm so glad I've never done something like that.....LOL It is aggravating though. Sorry you have to start over.
                        "Still Montana Mike"

                        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
                        Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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                          Sorry Danny, after all that work. Thanks for the post. We all tend to forget sometimes. Never hurts to have a reminder. Styrk1


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                            Danny, we have all been there, done that ! That wood grain is very brittle when it comes to fine cutting & sanding. Sometimes it pop's & when you piece it back together, it fits so tight, you can't tell it was broken. Try it, it may work for you. Good Luck


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                              Hey Danny, I put those ooops on a shelf in the shop so I look at them everyday. They are there to remind me not to do that again!
                              Dan in So.Ca.


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