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Contemplating new scroll saw.

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  • Contemplating new scroll saw.

    I've been thinking about a new saw. I always wanted a Hegner but I spoke with Judy G. Roberts, and she wouldn't be specific but she kind of directed me to Excalibur. What do you folks think? I want to continue doing fret work and try intarsia. Would appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks. Styrk

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    I have an Excalibur EX-21 that I absolutely love. It's vibration free as a scroll saw can be and seems to be very well made. I've had this one for a little over a year and have had no problems with it at all. Having said that, I have to admit this is my second Excalibur in two years. I purchased the first one from Woodcraft and believe it was a terrible mistake on my part. I received the second one as a warranty replacement for the first which I'm convinced was dropped before I got it. The saw I have now came from Seyco. Ray Seymore who is the president and owner of that company is most likely the most experienced person in the world with this saw and provides exemplary customer service. If I were considering an Excalibur, I'd give him a call. You'll not be sorry.



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      Having a Hitachi, a Hawk VS 220, a DeWalt Type 1, and an EX-21, the EX is the best for fretwork because the blade can be lifted up and away, the work positioned, and the blade fed gently down and thru the workpiece. I do mostly stack cutting of 3 to 6 pieces. The Hitachi and Hawk are bottom feeders, tho' the Hitachi can be top-fed with practice. The DeWalt has too little clearance for some stacks and some thicker single pieces, and I have not been able to teach it to 'sit' at the top, it just wants to drop back down. The simple solution is take out the blade top and bottom, thread it and re-attach both top and bottom.

      All are good saws, no knocks on any of them. Just that the EX is a better saw for fret, especially anything large with small holes in the center or any stack larger than about 3/4".

      Just my experience, others may vary significantly.
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        The older Hawks are bottom feeders Not the G4 and they are much easier to use for fretwork than the excalibur. A spring at the rear holds the arm up.
        I used the Excalibur when I was in one of Judy's classes. The blade motion as too agressive for my taste,but I believe that can be adjusted. It was a very quiet and smooth saw. The other thing with the Excalibur and Dewalt that I don't like is that the blade clamps are an integral part of the saw.
        In our scrolling club (26 members) the majority have Hegners and most of them do primarily fretwork. We have one Excalibur, 3 Hawks(2 of which are the G4) one or two Dewalts and the rest I am not sure about.
        I still prefer the New Hawk over all the rest. JMO
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          I have an Excalibur EX-30 and would not trade anything for it. Quiet, smooth, with little or no vibration.

          I have had numerous other saws from the big box stores and the Excalibur is far superior to any saw that I have worked with.


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            I've been using a Hegner for the past year, and am very satisfied with it. I like the control over inserting and tensioning the blades, and the smooth and quiet action. When I moved up from the DeWalt, my skill level seemed to improve dramatically.

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              Nobody asked what saw you are currently using?
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                Love my 788. Can't imagine a bell or whistle it doesn't have worth a fraction of the price difference.
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                  I have two Hegners and love them. I had a DeWalt but it kept breaking, so after 20 months I got rid of it and went to Hegner.
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                    I'm using both the Hegner and Ex. You can top feed the Hegner, (and I often do so as I'm not sure how to bottom feed it on large pieces.) The Ex is quicker to top feed for fretwork for sure and is much smoother at the top speed (I'm working on a solution for that). Both of these saws are fun to use.

                    As far as I know, if you want a Hawk G4, you have to go to ebay or Craigs list as Bushton has thus far not produced it. I've seen several on ebay lately. I have been studying the picture of the new Jr. Hawk to see if it top feeds, but I can't tell. I suspect it does. Their site says it shares some features of the G4..

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                      Thanks for the insights. Obviously any comment I may make is limited to experience, and when you live in the remotes you just make do with what comes along. I'll be looking for a G4 and a Hegner now.

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                        Thanks for the advice. In answer to your question Mike; I have used a Fretmaster saw by James Reidle for several years. I'll post some of my projects when I figure exactly how to send them. also thanks to Jan. I will call Ray Seymore at Seyco. Styrk


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                          Here is the preferred way to post photos. This method will apply a thumbnail so that messages load faster, keeping those who are still on dial up in mind.

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                          If you want you can Preview Post (a wise choice) then if all is well, click on Submit reply.
                          Good luck
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                            i have recently changed over too a hegner,and find it too be a great saw,
                            i do a lot of fretwork,and find it too be a easy and quick operation to do inside cuts,release the tension insert the blade and re-tension the blade.
                            not doing much
                            and busy doing it

                            having fun making sawdust.



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                              I had a Dewalt 788-- TYPE 2. It really developed problems over the 3 years I used it. I found out the Dewalt type 2 has a lot of QC problems. Seems the type 1 was made in Canada then moved their production to Asia and started the type 2 model. My problems were blade wobble and foward blade movement through the stroke.
                              I bit the bullet and bought the EX-21 about 6 months ago and couldn't be happier.


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