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    This is the finished beagle that I did for our neighbor I tried different stains to see what effect I could get and am quite pleased, the ears are dark walnut the face is oak and natural, I will attach a dark brown backing soon as its dry and present it to her tomorrow, I scrolled it for 3/4" poplar
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    Nice Job, Daryl.
    I might have tried to make the nose (what there is of it) darker, but I'll bet it;ll be a winner with your lucky neighbor.


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      it's a good thing...

      I go by Trout because my name is also Darrell...
      but no one here knows that...

      That's a very nice piece....

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        Very nice piece Daryl. Never tried staining that way.


        Paul S.


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          Nice work, how did you keep the stain from bleeding to the different sections.
          That looks like a Judy Gale fine line design.
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            Great job Daryl!
            The way you stained that piece is awesome.
            That really shows creativity.
            I like the eyes too, Beagles always have such sad looking eyes

            That is a piece anyone would love to have.
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              Nicely done, Daryl but I'm wondering how you would hang something like this on a wall. I recently acquired the dog breed book by Judy Gale but didn't realize the portraits were all with a round frame. I'm going to eliminate the circular portions and cut them like all my portraits.

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                Great Work Daryl
                "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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                  Mike on mine I mount a sawtooth hanger on the forehead instead of the ring,
                  Rolf I downloaded the pattern from Scrollsaws free download section from one of the back issues there are several free patterns there and to stop the bleeding I took a tip from again the Scrollsaw tips section and used a wood burning tip to outline the areas where the stains would touch

                  thanks everyone for your words of incouragement and comments and Sheltie I took your tip and will black the nose out thanks
                  Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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                    Now that's a purdy pooch my friend
                    Good job !
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                      Very nice pup you made there. I really like the way you finished it.
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                        Very nice work Daryl! I like how you used the stains to accentuate the features.
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                          Nice cut & coloring.

                          You're coming along fine

                          DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                            Daryl you did an excellent job there, both on the cutting and staining!
                            Keep em coming!

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