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    I ordered some FD blades from Mike and finally had a chance recently to put them to use. I ordered the assortment pack as I still haven't gotten this blade thingy straight and I had never tried the FD blades.

    Must say WOW. It's like cutting through buttah. I was working on some 1/4" BB plywood. I must say the blades do make a HUGE difference. I know everyone has their own blade preference and I respect that but FD blades will definitely be my blade of choice in the future. I must say I was skeptical of all the folks that talked about them, but now I know.

    But the biggest thing I learned was to do the INTERNAL cuts first. I've never really done anything with internal cuts. I'm more into the large pieces to cut out and paint. But I wanted to do something for my neice and nephew with their names. So stoopid me cut the outside of the letters, then proceed to cut the inside.

    I was using a "Disney" style font I found on the net. It's a really cool font but not a real thick font, so needless to say some of those final cuts were definitely a little tricky. Learned my lesson.
    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

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    Heh, heh. That is how most of us learn, the hard way. As far as blades go, I ran into the same situation the first time I tried Pegas blades. I was actually anxious for the first one to go dull. It seemed to take forever. I have learned to control them. It all takes practice and if we didn't make mistakes, we probably wouldn't learn much. Mistakes toughen us up to prepare us for new challenges.

    By the way, we do like show and tell. We'll be watching out for your letters.

    Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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