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    Hi y'all,

    I'm considering purchasing a graphics tablet to help with pattern making. Right now I use my finger on my touch pad on my laptop. This isn't real reliable. There are so many makes and models out there and I'm sure, just like saws, there are good ones and bad ones. I understand the Wacom is probably the best, but also the priciest. I'm not looking to make a major investment. Anybody that has one, please post your comments on the use and reliablility.

    By the way, I just increased my memory from 192 to 704 mb. Man, does that make a difference when working with photos. That was well worth the $70. I remember the days when 1 mb of ram cost $100. I know, I'm dating myself.

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    lol Mike thats nothing I can remember the days when a 4 meg ram was 200 dollars for my then very new SX33 Packard Bell I had in the early 90s
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      Hi Mike,

      I am fortunate enough to have been able to spoil myself big time.

      I have a Wacom Intuos3 9 x12 tablet and I love it!!!

      It is a precise instrument, reliable and so cool

      I know I'm not using it to it's full potential ( I feel more like a Ferrari owner driving in the city) but If I need the power, it's there.

      I would highly recommend a graphic tablet to anyone that uses any graphic software, wether it's PSP, Corel, Photoshop, or just plain Windows Paint. You'll never be able to achive the same results with a stick, mouse or pad that you can achieve with a tablet and "pen" (or stylus)

      Like any tool, go for the best you can afford at purchase time.

      DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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        Originally posted by Marcel in Longueuil
        I have a Wacom Intuos3 9 x12 tablet and I love it!!!
        So you should! I've seen new computers which cost less than one of those.

        Okay, so I'm exaggerating - but not a lot.

        Gill (who's not truly envious of Marcel and who can't really remember the days when the memory capacity of a Commodore 64 was something to drool over. Honest.)
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          Originally posted by Daryl185
          lol Mike thats nothing I can remember the days when a 4 meg ram was 200 dollars for my then very new SX33 Packard Bell I had in the early 90s
          Actually Daryl, that's only $50 per meg.

          Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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            Your finger.....on a touchpad......on a laptop ? and I'm crying about using a mouse
            Man, my respect for you just went up a couple o' notches !
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              I got my small pad from but I do not think that they have any left
              it is a Wacom 4x5 with the Serif Logo on it. I picked it up for less than $70
              Mine did not come with a mouse but I see Wacom now offers one with a mouse.
              I have seen them at under $100.
              The new ones have 1024 levels of sensitivity.
              If someone has that kind of control they should be scrolling not doing graphics
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                I have a Adesso pen and tablet i got from amazon for $100, i like it alot it is a 8x9 tablet it has severd me well. i would like to in the future get a wacom but for now the Addesso is fine, it works in all the programs like psp, ps, and the paint it works with coyote also. I am glad i bought it and if it was to quite working i would buy another one.


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                  I have a wacom intuos2 6 x 8 and it does everything I need it to. It is a LOT easier than trying to use a mouse.


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