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1/16" Baltic Birch plywood

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  • 1/16" Baltic Birch plywood

    Does anyone know who sells 1/16" Baltic Birch plywood. I always got it from Sloan but see on there website that they only have 1/8".
    FD Mike
    SD Mike

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    1/8 is the thinest I have seen. But I will look around for you. Have you tried model air plane stores. The Gas powered type for remote control. May be they have some.
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      Try the hobby shops. I have seen some pretty thin stuff where they sell wood to make model air planes.

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        Just checked Floyd and Carol Hacker's website and they are only showing 1/8 and larger, but I could have sworn I bought some 1/16th from Floyd last year in Wilmington.

        Might be worth a call, just to confirm. Maybe they are just out at the moment.
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          Here you go Mike they carry it all the way down to 1/64

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            I've seen it at Micheal's Mike if you have one close or on line.
            If you use Micheal's be sure and join them on line so you can print out some great discount coupons.
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              Floyd and Carol Hacker's I called them and they don't have it.
              Thanks you folks for your help
              FD Mike
              SD Mike


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                I don't know about the shipping but "clark's Hardwoods" of Houston tx. has it.

                You could call or email them and ask. I deal with Steve Cranford you might ask for him. It might be too costly.

                Good luck.

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                  Mike, www.wildwooddesigns has it. Finnish birch, 3 ply, good 2 sides, 12" X 12", $4.95. Stock #7001.
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                    Give these guys a try Mick.

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                      Hi Tim,
                      Thank you very much. I have it book marked. 1/16 makes very nice book marks, you can stack at least 6 or 7. I use it a lot for X-mas ornaments.
                      FD Mike
                      SD Mike


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