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  • Horse Head Address Sign

    Ok, Here it is finally!

    My first commissioned piece. (Sold for $250CDN)
    The customer has a small farm and loves horses, she gave me freedom to create anything I wanted, as long as the theme was Equine in nature.

    It was cut with spiral blades, then I redid some cuts with a jigsaw.
    It was my first experience with spirals, and the cuts were... let's just say not too straight and to my satisfaction.

    I still have to give the final coats of SPAR varnish, but the weather hasn't been nice enough this week to spray.

    The horse sign is approx 22" x 33"
    1/4 BB ply on 5/8 Ext. grade ply
    Background painted black with a coat of light reflecting paint. They are the speckles you see on the black, but you don't see them with the naked eye.
    Foreground stained with SAMAN water stain.
    Still need to give final coats of Exterior grade SPAR varnish that will be sprayed on.
    Border is painted black with pinstripe of gold, green and red.

    The address sign is approx 8" x 10" and should get attached under the horse with eye hooks and chain.

    Constructive criticism is welcome.


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    nice work Marcel,

    My suggestion is if possible to add another 8 x 10 address plate on top of the horse with the farm's name instead of the numbers. How is it going going to be posted on the farm?



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      There is no farm name. Maybe I shouldn't have called it that: it's a private house with about 5 horses a couple of goats, dogs, a few chickens and such. nothing commercial.

      I don't know exactly how they are going to install it, they said it would depend on the product.

      It's their turn to scratch their head
      DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

      NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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        very nice Marcel, I am sure they will love it Marcel its an excellent job
        Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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          I was just thinking about this project a couple days ago. I'm glad you finally finished it up, and it does look really nice. Give me a little more info on the reflective black paint though.. brand, type (spray, brush on? oil, acrylic, latex?) Thats a product I've never experimented with, but I can think of a few applications where it would be handy! Dale
          Dale w/ yella saws


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            Congratulations on the sale Marcel! And a very fine job too!! I know after I have put so much time and effort into a project like this, and it is a one of a kind project, I almost don't want to give them over to the customer! But I always think DUH! I can always make another one!

            Whats next?

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              Where did you get the horse pattern and the font for the numbers? It's absolutely beautiful.
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                Good choice of pattern - those lines flow so gracefully. I'll bet your "clients" (Isn't it strange to say that?) will truly love it. Your finish looks terrific, too. If I had any doubts, it would be about the "permanence" of your paints. Then again, spar varnish is supposed to be ideal for this kind of application. I'd be interested to see how it looks after a coupl'a years.
                Of course, it isn't really your problem then, right?
                Really nice job of cutting, too. You've become a fine scroller!


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                  Beautiful Marcel.....a job well done!!!!!
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                    It's too nice a piece to be stuck outside.

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                      Great job Marcel! That will look gorgeous outside their home.
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                        Let me put this as eloquently as I can :

                        That is hat tippin', pig slappin', fine-as-frog-hair top notch EXCELLENT

                        .......well that is eloquent for these parts

                        I agree with Gill .....too purdy to go outside

                        Beautiful work sir ! Thanx for sharing
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                          Yup I go with Gill, to nice for the elements.
                          Nice work
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                            That's a beautiful piece of workmanship Marcel! Great job.
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                              That is a fantastic piece of work. I can only aspire to such a standard!

                              I have horses too, and would love to have a try at the horses head - where did you get the pattern from please?



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