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    I joined the forum a coupla months ago, got started in scrolling, and have been working towards making jigsaw puzzles. Here is my first public work, a "guest book" puzzle for my father-in-law's 80th birthday party. The guests signed the big pieces, and the puzzle will go into a 2-sided picture frame as a keepsake.

    The Irish theme is because he was born in Ireland, has strong ties there, and loves the country. This castle was built by his ancestors and everyone in the family has visited it when they have visited Ireland, because relatives still live nearby. Been there myself. Doesn't look very impressive as castles go (more of a fort, really), but it has six stories and its walls are 8 feet thick and 95 feet tall.

    The puzzle is on 5-ply 1/4" basswood and is approximately 13" X 18". The picture of the back is mirrored so you can see where the pieces are on the front. Note the "figure pieces" used in the puzzle to make it more interesting.

    Thanks to everyone here for the great information about scrolling, and all the beautiful work in the archives.

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    Very Very Cool!

    The cutout in the top corner is awesome! Great Job.
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      Amazing, Pete. That is one neat idea. I'll bet the in-laws were impressed. I know I am. A project like that would take more thought than I would be willing to invest.

      Did you have any problems with some of the pieces not fitting perfectly?

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        I would say...

        that's one of a did a great job...
        so it's already been signed and given to him...
        I'm sure you were the talk of the party along with his 80 year old stories...

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          That's some cutting, Pete!
          I like that cutout in the corner.
          Did you have any problems with the shaped parts without tabs falling out? It looks like they fit just right.
          I bet your FIL loves it.


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            Thanks for the nice comments, everybody! You are the friendliest sort of critics.

            Re: tabs, the puzzle is extremely tight such that it can be picked up by one corner even though the big swordsman is all push-fit. It was cut with both Pegas and FD puzzle blades, and if I were to cut a puzzle with pieces this big to be actually played with, I'd go to a bigger blade. However, the tight fit was nice because the picture is practically unaffected, so it will display well.

            It gathered a lot of attention at the party, and added to the festiveness of it. Everybody seemed to like it, and some young nieces were so enthralled that they sat by it for hours. My FIL was very pleased though he is not much into puzzles. The highlights for him were the picture and all the handwritten notes.

            It's true that I have WAY too much time into it, mostly looking at tons of pictures and designing the figure pieces. It was fun, though, because I haven't done much creative stuff in my life.



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              You're hooked!
              Now you're REALLY part of our family.


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                What an imaginative way to take large blocks of color in a jigsaw and make them interesting . Very nicely cut.

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                  Pete that was an awsome job I love all the different shapes you used I actually searched for all the different ones
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                    Pete, that is a great puzzle. Thanks for posting the pictures and hope you post more.

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                      What a wonderful gift and idea! Ya did good Pete.

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                        Great work Pete

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                          Now that is a great idea, good job and great way of thinking outside the (puzzle) box!



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                            Pete. thats so cool. these are the figuers i found. a big person. maybe a angel. or ?? a moon, heart, animale, like a big dog, a 3 leaf clover, a small person. the cote of armes in the uper right corner, Oh and it looks like a bear, and a star. did i miss any. how fun. Evie


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                              Originally posted by minowevie
                              Pete. thats so cool. these are the figuers i found. a big person. maybe a angel. or ?? a moon, heart, animale, like a big dog, a 3 leaf clover, a small person. the cote of armes in the uper right corner, Oh and it looks like a bear, and a star. did i miss any. how fun. Evie
                              Evie, we have a bunch of Irish symbols:

                              -- the big 16th century swordsman (from an old drawing; the castle was destroyed in the 16th century)
                              -- 13th century fighter with axe and spear (this location was first fortified in the 13th century)
                              -- two 16th century ladies
                              -- wolfhound
                              -- peacock (for good luck)
                              -- red deer
                              -- Celtic cross
                              -- shamrock
                              -- star, moon, and heart (these are a bit of a joke, from Lucky Charms cereal, but they look good)
                              -- lion, from the coat of arms

                              I never thought too much about putting figures like these in a puzzle, but the picture needed some jazzing up because it seemed like all sky and grass. They turned out to be a lot of fun, my favorite part of the cutting.


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