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Clock finally completed

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  • Clock finally completed

    Not much for the scroll saw but I did use it in places.
    Made of European oak with a German mechanical movement.
    Rhys H
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    The clock

    I did not get this into the thread above, hopefully it will work this time.

    Rhys H.
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      Hi Rhys

      What a beautiful clock. It must have taken you ages to make.

      I could see the photo okay in both threads, but perhaps others can't. Anyway, I took it upon myself to merge both threads into one so that members don't have to express their admiration twice .

      And I'm certain that a lot of admiration will be expressed for this project.

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        For sure a a labor of love! How long did it take you to complete it?

        Beautiful Work

        DeWalt 788

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          That is one beautiful clock. A brilliant job! We brought 3 with us from England and mine is still running quite well after 200 years. Hopefully yours will keep on running long after.


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            Very nicely done! I had promised to make my wife one years ago and she gave up and bought a cucoo clock instead.

            -Just do'in the best I can every day


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              Rhys once again your skills as a mastercraftsman shine through!
              Top Notch!
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                Beautiful piece of workmanship!
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                  Beautiful Work

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                    Did you turn the spindles? I am also interested on how you did the curved molding on the top of the clock.

                    -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                      add my " beautiful clock" to the list..
                      Pete Ripaldi

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                        fantastic, workmon ship. is that walnut? it is a masterpiece for sure. nice finish too. someday, I will try one like that. but the scrolled clocks are a bit easyer for me now. a Clock like that, takes alot more carpenter skills than i have right now. just, breath taking. what talent we have here in are little family. Evie


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                          Nice craftsmanship Rhys,

                          And the finish looks nice too.

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                            Beautiful, Rhys!
                            It looks like one of those pieces that hollers out "touch me - I am soooo smooth!"
                            You really do fine work.


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                              The clock

                              Thanks all for you kind comments ... I am a little bit pleased with it myself!!

                              Gill, Thanks for sorting out my posting error.

                              Ozarkhillbilly, I put in about 300 hours on the whole project.

                              Owler, Yes I did turn the spindles. The top moulding took me a day to make and fit. I cut the shape required on a 6" X 1" finished piece of oak and then on the router table with a 2" dia door panel router bit cut out most of the detail but had to finish with a 11/4" bull nose bit and sandpaper to get the final detail on the lower section of the moulding.

                              Evie, the wood is European oak which I managed to find in New Zealand. The clock has an international flavour with the movement from Germany, the hinges and door handles from Australia and the door locks from America.

                              Marcel, The finishing and staining were the items that most worried me in the project. On the Friday night before I stained it I lay awake worried about the potential mess I might make of it. However in the end it came out well. I sanded all of the woodwork to 400 grit, applied a coat of pigmented stain which is then wiped off before it is dry. The next coat was a tung oil product to richen the underlying oaken colour, followed by a coat of orange shellac on top of which I applied a very dark wax with wire wool. I did not want a lacquered finish with its plastic look but rather was aimimg for something more natural that left the texture of the wood in its natural form. I guess the thing that most please me is that the clock does not look new and appears to have some age on it because of its texture and finish.

                              Again, thanks to all for your comments.

                              Rhys H.


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