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  • My latest Project

    I got a little bogged down with custom orders but fortunately my buddy Andy Deane came to my rescue with this pattern (you can find more of Andy's patterns in The Wooden Teddy Bear with the prefix AD).
    I actually thought about using spirals on this, it was the worst 2 seconds of my life.
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    Making holes in wood with an EX-30, Craftsman 16" VS, Dremel 1680 and 1671

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    very nice Kevin. I know what you meen. I have done this pattern too. and not as nice as yours for sure. but thats becouse your the king. Nice, Nice. 2 seconds. now thats fast. or did you meen the blade choice. Evie


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      That is grade A number one sweeeeeet ! Excellent work !
      I am totally blown away
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        Nicely done Kevin, even after studying it, I couldn't tell where those worst two seconds were spent!

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          That's a very fine design which has been cut with great skill. I like it a lot .

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            That is just great Kevin. Spirals? ugh

            Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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              This, compared to your usual maddening designs, looks like a stroll in the park.

              But a very nice stroll it is none the less.

              Beautiful work.

              DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

              NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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                Thanks all for the kind words.
                Evie, no spirals were harmed in the cutting of this piece, LOL. I'll stick to my flats. Marcel, although not as many cuts as some of my slightly detailed patterns, this was one of the tougher pieces I've cut in a long time, the wings were especially tough. Although I know now that I can tighten up some of my designs and add even more cuts and more fragile areas, LOL!
                Oh, I delivered it this morning and have orders for 4 more (thank heavens for stack cutting).
                Scrollsaw Patterns Online
                Making holes in wood with an EX-30, Craftsman 16" VS, Dremel 1680 and 1671


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                  Nice work Kevin my Dad is retired USAF and for a Christmas present I am doing the retired USAF from the Fox Chapel Military emblems book
                  Daryl S. Walters Psycotic scroller with a DeWalt 788


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                    Awesome work Kevin

                    "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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