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  • Its Finally Here!

    UPS finally delivered my DW788 saw today just as I am getting ready to leave for a week. Will have to wait until 8/30 to check it out. I ordered on 8/8 & arrived today 8/21. Wildwood/Cherry Tree is quicker than this. Oh well its here & when I get back home will check to make sure I have an even table, that my blade holders aren't so far apart & all the other things you would hope would be right on a new saw! Don't mean to be so negative guess I'm just disappointed I can't get it set up & use right away. Work sucks! See ya in a week!

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    Randy, I am happy for you on one foot. and sad for you on the other. I bet you stood out side buy you mail, tapping your foot for, like 14 days. one thing is good. at least it got there before you left. right. I bet when you get home, all will be well, and you will cut out something to blow us away. I will be impatiantly waiting. ( i know spelling) your friend Evie


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      All right Randy. I envy you. You'll probably have a hard time sleeping until you get back and start making sawdust. Does this kinda remind you of when you were a kid waiting for Santa? Be sure to let us know how everything works. Maybe I'll have to drive up sometime and check it out.

      Good luck

      Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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        Put the stand, light, & DW-788 together today. Waxed the table, & cut some easy patterns I had out of a John Nelson pattern book. It seems like a pretty sweet saw. I noticed when I squared the blade to the table it was one notch from the O setting. Also had trouble clamping the blade in the bottom clamp almost like the blade clamps are too far apart. But when I finally got it clamped on both the top & bottom it sure did cut nice. Also when bolting the saw to the stand it pulls the pin from the rear of the table. After loosening the bolts & repinning it, it pulled loose again so just left it. I hope to practice a lot as I am not a very good scrollsawer but I am working fulltime & carving duck, loon, & fish decoys. The scrolling is a nice change of pace, but I have much to learn & am sure thankful for these various forums & the excellent advice I receive from all of you. Thank you very much! Will report back more as I go.


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          Hi Randy
          I'd like to see some pictures of your decoys.
          Makita MSJ-401
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