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  • Need Some Display Advice, Please

    Hi again,
    Another dilemma:
    I belong to a carving club that gets to display our work at a nearby county fair. In California, one can displayand enter scrolling and woodworking at carving shows, so my fellow carvers encourage (or possibly humor) me, and I get a really nice audience for scrolling at the fair. We sit at a table sort of out in the middle of a large room - 4 chairs and a kind of a lattice-work room divider-type thing behind us (backdrop, maybe you call it), for displaying flat or hanging projects. This year we are planning to make our own backdrop, so that it will be nicer and sturdier.
    But we cannot figure out what color to paint the thing, or whether it should be some sort of patterned cloth, like a subtle tweed or something. For carvings that sit on a table, I usually use a black t-shirt knit piece of cloth for a table cover, and things show up pretty well, but making the backdrop black seems kind of - well - depressing and dark.
    Do any of you out there have any suggestions about what is successful for you or other scrollers in showing off a variety of projects - mostly natural wood colors, but possibly a few painted things?
    We're really at an impass about this, so your suggestions are going to be very welcome.

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    I haven't had any experience at this so take it for what it's worth. Personally, I think any type of pattern would detract from the product. The plainer and more blah the background, the better the wood projects will look. I think any solid color would look good. It wouldn't have to be black. Just my 2c worth.

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      Natural wood always shows up well with a solid dark green or dark blue background. I would say no to a pattern background.
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        There is nothing worng with a dark black blue or green background.
        Green tends to reflect environmental so that is a plus.

        The black background however is not a depressing thing. If you put a couple of light over the backdrop to highlight some of the pieces it will really draw attention.

        The Wooden Toymakes Society has made a very large case, almost 4x 8, that has all the pieces displayed in.

        Excuse the chairs, I wasn't staging

        I Like this idea since the pieces are allready stored for easy setup and teardown.
        You could make a similar case and paint the inside wood.
        You could also line the inside with different colored posterboard for different effects.
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          I have made 2' X 6' and 2' X 8' frames using 1X2 wood and covered with 1/2" wire screening. Usually I try to get a booth that is next to a wall and just lean the panels. They also can be set up as "A" frame displays with just using Zip Ties to hold together. Several can be hooked together to make a triangle, square display or even a "Z" stand up which allows you to use both sides of the panels.

          They are very versatel. You could even hang a solid color drape behind the panels to set off the display.
          I agree that solid color is best.

          Simple "S' hooks, bent paper clips or drapery hooks can be used for the hanging.


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            A friend of mine sells and displays a lot ofintarsia (Name is Charlie Norris, has his own site on MSN) The back is a pale blue, sort of a sky blue and it is very becoming. I will check and see if I have one of his pictures with the background and I will add it to the thread, Here is some of the projects at the NW Scrollsaw Picnic in Portland, OR
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