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  • Back from the Fair

    Whew 4 days from 9 am to 9 pm but it was fun.
    We had lots of visitors. I followed Sue's lead and gave out some magazine too.
    We had the Saw Aces video which was recieved well the first night. Unfortunately during the night the TV VCR grew legs and walked away, along with the video
    It is a great video and good for clubs or any organization to introduce scrolling.

    I cut up a storm and am attaching pics.
    There will be a few more pics with more discriptions.
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    more from the fair

    At the fair my friend and mentor Roy Brown is standing behind the president of the BC WOODEN TOYMAKERS SOCIETY Robert Prinse.

    We gave out Fox Chapel book catalogs and Toymakers Pamphlets to everyone we could.

    A friends seven year old son Isaac is cutting with me. It is the first time he has used a saw and he cut out a llama. I held the wood down and he guided it.

    I was fortunate enough to try Mr Browns brand new Excaliber, and he was fortunate enough to try my Ryobi, which he loved by the way.
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    "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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      It looks as if you had an enjoyable time and made some new friends . Those pieces you cut should inspire a few new scrollers too.

      Sorry to hear about the video - there's some rotten people around.

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        Kewl, sounds like your had a pretty good time, well except for that walking legs thing , guess they liked it so much they just had to take it home with them along with the tv vcr .

        maybe chain it down next time lol

        Great cuts and pictures

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          Glad you made it home safe, sounds like you had a good time and introduced the world of scrolling to a youngster, who wont forget it!

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            It was great. I scrolled with 5 youngsters all together. I just didn't advertise it or the line up would be out the door.

            Key points of interest for the scrollers were blade selection and where do you find free wood

            I should have taken items to sell. Many people wanted to buy but that isn't the reason we were there.

            I think I will have to order 3 gross of blades since there is no source locally. That is an item I could have sold out of.

            Several people said they were inspired enough to dust off their saws, a few wanted a new hobby and may buy saws. I volunteered to help them select.

            Next year I do not think I will take two days off work to start the fair off. That is just a little too costly. I will try and get some of the retired toymakers to man the booth till I get off work.
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              great job carl, looks like it was a fun time, and your report was great...
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