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Is $250 a good price for a Hegner Multimax-1

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  • Is $250 a good price for a Hegner Multimax-1

    Hello. My neighbor is moving and cleaning house. He has a scroll saw and I am trying to find out if $250 is a good price. I have never used one, but if the price is right, I don't want to necessarily pass it up. If you guys say it is worth $100 I won't buy it, but if you say it is worth $500, then one day I might have use for it. Make sense! If this thing is outdated I should probably pass.

    Anyways it is a Hegner Multimax-1. He says it was used once. It looks like it. It looks perfect. Anyway, I can't seem to find anything online regarding this model. The stuff I have found appears to be newer models. Can't find anything that looks just like this one

    If anyone does know where I might get some info on this model, and if it would be a good deal, a would appreciate it.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Take a look at the price listings for the new ones at this link
    and judge for yourself!!

    Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!


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      Tom, I have a Hegner. and i paid 1200.00 for it. I don't know that one, but i would probley buy it. they are very dependabale. Evie


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