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2nd Thursday nite st. sale

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  • 2nd Thursday nite st. sale

    Hot again and not much traffic. I'm sure once Sept. gets here, things cool down and people are done vacationing, things will pick up.

    I only sold one tonite, the German Shorthair portrait. I did get a few requests though. One lady collects cows and one lady collects clowns. Another young gal wants a loon for her aunt's birthday in a week and a half. She thinks she would like it for her cabin. So now I can start searching for patterns. I know Jeff Z. has an awesome one of a loon but his designs would be way too time consuming and people seem to be comfortable with the $15 or $20 price tag.
    I also got permission to display and try to sell some of my portraits at a cafe that will be opening in about a month, in a small village about 5 miles away. That should get me some good exposure. The public does like my work anyway. Most of them have never seen anything like it around here. I think they consider me an artist.

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    Cows, clowns and loons, there's 3 up and coming sales and all 3 are good subjects! Hang in there Mike, the heat wont last, but you will...... like you said, people like your work, and haven't seen anything like it around there so get busy and make some saw dust!

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      Way to go Mike--

      Having a place to display your work is awsome !!! I know that when you start hanging you'll be busier than a cat on a hot tin roof .... For some reason people are strange on the things they like but I have found as long as you enjoy doing what you enjoy and making other people enjoy your work -- heck then you 've got it made in the shade ....
      I am proud for you too..


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        Shoot me a PM with your e-mail address. I have a loon pattern you might be able to use.
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          Originally posted by Minnesota scroller
          . The public does like my work anyway. Most of them have never seen anything like it around here. I think they consider me an artist.
          You should consider yourslef an artist!
          You just use different tools than a painter or other form of artist.

          Many people consider someone using a pattern not a true artist.
          Yet the Camera Obscura has been used for centuries by great artists, including DaVinci.
          If he is permitted to trace the outline of an object and still be called an artist then why can't the rest of the scrolling world.

          It will be awesome to see your work on display!
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            Congratulations on getting 3 orders AND a place to display your work!
            Of course you are an artist - even when we use patterns, there is always the choice of wood and finish, and we also decide which parts of the pattern we may want to (or accidentally) change - that's called artistic license, by the way.
            Be sure you stack cut the requests - what one person wants is often what several others would really like too.
            Sounds like you had a successful show!


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              Originally posted by Jediscroller
              Shoot me a PM with your e-mail address. I have a loon pattern you might be able to use.
              Definitely shoot Jedi a PM, Mike. It is a winner for sure!!!

              And CONGRATS on your progress, FANTASTIC NEWS.

              and its never too early to start stack cutting witches/cats/ pumpkins for Halloween and turkeys for Thanksgiving................
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