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    Bruce here is a couple more. and the dragon i painted with just black acrilic paint. they are all just 1/8th plywood backer boards. or 1/16th.

    also your lab is great. well done. Evie
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      Bruce, I have done some projects where the background is painted in various colours. If the fret openings are quite small, the colours don't show up too well. The effect is improved in a design where there are larger areas of background showing.
      Also, the colours need to be bright - darker colours work best if your wood is a light colour i.e. oak, birch ply. Light shades of colour do not provide enough contrast to be effective. From my experience, it also looks better if your portrait is cut from thin i.e. 1/8" material, so that the colours are not too far recessed.
      Sue Mey


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        Thanx, ladies, for the great ideas.

        Sue, I'll probably be using the same 1/8" ply I did the lab with, so that should work out well. I'm a bit "color challenged" so the brighter colors would work better with me also.

        . . . because each piece will be someone's heirloom someday.
        visit sometime
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          I tried and tried to figure out a pricing plan beacuse I do try to sell a few thingS so I can put the money back into the shop. I tried to figure out materials + labor + this + that and it gave me a headache. Figuring up every little thing like blades,minutes, power usage etc. was a bit taxing. So I boiled it down to time. I charge a flat $10/hr. for a piece. That covers all material and time. I stack cut 2 1/8" pieces at a time so if I cut a piece that takes 3 hrs. thats $30 x 2 = $60 ea. framed with a low ender from Hobby Lobby or Wally World. If that want a nice frame or something outta hardwood I'll adjust accordingly. Seems to workout pretty good and people have bit so far. If I did a Zaffino portrait that took 12 hrs then thats $240 if I dump both or $120 and a demo piece. You can drive yourself crazy if ya' think to hard on it.
          The color background is something I tried but didn't like. I cut a John Deere tractor pattern and colored it with green,yellow and black felt and it looked to "busy" for my taste. I put it on black only and it looked better and the detail stood out better. That's the only piece I've tried coloring so other than that I don't know. It might have looked better if it was bigger than 11 x 14. I'm doing mostly Zaffino and the like type portraits and they all look best on black. Tried different colors as a solid back ground but nothing beats the black for really bringing the detail out. I usually only oil the wood with Danish x 2 coats.
          But the best judge is you and your customers eye. Try it in a none permanent way and see how it looks. If it doesn't work out then back up and punt.
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