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    got my new pattern book from Fox Chapel yesterday Scroll Saw Military designs, man I see I am going to be busy, Florida is home to an awful lot of retiries and I am only an hours drive from MacDill, my Dad looked throught it last night and he picked out quite a few he liked ( we are both retired USAF)
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    Military type designs are always good seller's, and you are for sure in a great location! I was stationed at MacDill from 77-81, I was part of the transition from F-4's to the F-16's. Which I hear aren't there any more either. My kid's were born and raised there in Tampa and for that matter are still there. I get to go visit once in awhile and always do some fishing!
    Have fun with your new book of patterns!

    DeWalt 788

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    • Rodney Brown
      Reply to Flamingo
      by Rodney Brown
      Great project, Alex. Very clean cuts. Love the finish product.
      Today, 09:10 PM
    • Rodney Brown
      Reply to Wedding Sign
      by Rodney Brown
      Excellent work, Jim. A project that can be cherished a lifetime!
      Today, 09:08 PM
    • Jim McDonald
      Production mode
      by Jim McDonald
      Finally got my energy level up enough to drag the saw out and get started on thank you state magnets for for all of my critical care nurses and doctors. They truly became like family in those days.
      This is 24 of the first 34 I am doing. These are all cut from some 3/8" wood I had intended...
      Today, 06:48 PM
    • handibunny
      Reply to Wedding Sign
      by handibunny
      Beautiful piece of work, and beautiful girl. May you and your family have many happy years ahead!
      Today, 05:59 PM
    • Jim McDonald
      Wedding Sign
      by Jim McDonald
      I said in late winter I was going to make a sign for my son's wedding. Becky thought I was crazy for working on it so early, but considering my current health issues, I am glad I finished early.
      Knew nothing about making a sign, but knew I could cut, so I jumped in--blind to some of the challenges...
      Today, 02:45 PM