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my intarsia project

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  • my intarsia project

    I made this piece for my mother. Everytime I make a project somebody claims it.
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    Brent, that is so, so cool. I just love that. that looks like me and hubby , going out to the gardon. how big is it. looks small. great work. really. your friend Evie waht talent we have here.


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      Looks great brent!
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Although it's very whimsical, it's still cool. Yet the skill that went into its production... wow!

        It's got to be one of the nicest projects I've ever seen on this forum.

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          Well done, that is just brilliant. I really like it and I will NOT show it to my wife....she'll want me to do one . I don't do Intarsa just fretwork and such.


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            that's neat, nice job, your pattern ?

            Just to make you feel at home i'll claim the next one...
            Pete Ripaldi

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              how big

              Originally posted by minowevie
              Brent, that is so, so cool. I just love that. that looks like me and hubby , going out to the gardon. how big is it. looks small. great work. really. your friend Evie waht talent we have here.
              the amish kids are about 30" tall. i reduce my picture 25% just to send it on the message board. the pattern came from judy gale roberts studio.


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                Brent. thats not so small. but still love it. well done.
                your friend Evie


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                  Excellent work

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                    That's an excellent piece of work, Your mom must be very proud of it. I really admire intarsia artists, the amount of work that goes into a project like that must be daunting.
                    Thanks for posting
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                      That is paying hommage to your mom in the nicest fashion: What a nice piece of artwork to give her, and I really mean a beautifull one.

                      This piece is demonstrating a lot of talent (and TLC).

                      I'm sure your mom will proudly display it, and it will make a nice artwork heirloom.

                      DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                        That is some fine work. This is one of the things I love about this site and the hobby. You get to see the beautiful work of others and take it as an inspiration to improve my own skills.
                        Thanks Brent
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