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Will It be the End of Pattern Magazines?

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    Marsha said it very clearly, I can, but do I want to? (design patterns)

    With all of the hobbies I have been involved with over the years, one thing has become perfectly clear I have NO artistic skills. Yes I can take a photo and make a pattern, but can I put felling in it like Jeff Zaffino or Toni or the rest of you wonderful artists, No.

    The advantage of all the software is that it may help to find more "Artists" that will make more patterns for us cutters.

    The magazines have a strong future as long as the scrolling community supports the designers and continue to promote the hobby.
    my pennies worth.
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      Can I also make a point on behalf of the international community? Scrolling appears to be quite a common occupation in the Americas but it's less so in Britain and (I suspect) other countries. Having access to SSW gives me a sense of fellowship that helps to dispel any isolation I might feel.

      Gosh Gill, I realy can see where you are coming from. but, in my case, in my side of calif, usa, we don't have alot of scrolling going on here eather. I know now that it is availabale, only becouse I was lucky to find a spilmon book years ago. and went on the search for it. not haveing a computer at the time or even knowing how to use it. I did some treavaling, puppy doging, and asking lots of quistions, on the subject. maybe what i am saying is not the same for it is availabale all over the us. but I sure didn't know it.back then. I only found this magazine at a tool show. in LV USA. and only then did I fined all of you.whitch Iam so proud to have done.

      As far as patterns go. well , I don't even wont to go there. and if wasn't for the magazines i buy. I wouldn't even know how to scrollsaw.

      Tonie. I don't buy my magazines for the patterns only. I buy for the imphormation on how to do the patterns. where to find the blades , tools, Paints, glues. so on so on. but mostly the how toos. I don't think i have gotton a magazine that I have not learned from. even though, I do love the little fragile victorion fretwork. I wouldn't have known how to do them , if it was'nt for the magazines. or the other impho, you give to find the ones who do know. the vidos. the tapes.the books. and book sellers. the websights. the scrolling sights. tons of tips, of differant ways.I wouldn't have found this forum. or the friends i have made here. so if you think you are runnning your self out of busness, I disagree. for there is lots out there just like me. that will find your magazine in Joanns. or Michales, Lous, Home Depot. where ever. that will say. WOW How do they do that. and will buy it and find us. like i have said so many times before. where ever I go in my town. no one has ever seen what i do. and always wont to know where and how to find it. anyway long winded. your friend Evie


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        If I truly HAD to, I could probably design my own patterns. But that would take away my time from the saw. I have enough distractions that keep me from the saw and enough other hobbies to take up my time that designing patterns doesn't really interest me.

        Not that I haven't done it. I designed my own (using free clip-art from MS Word) for my quilt square. I'm currently designing something for my neice and nephew if you can call putting letters together to form their names designing. I would rather be scrolling or carving wood that designing something to scroll. I also could never come up with some of the wonderful ideas from the designers. I'm creative, just not that creative.

        Now, if the patterns came on a cd along with the paper patterns, that might be helpful for storage issues and always having the original on hand so to speak.

        Magazines and pattern books will always be my first choice for patterns.
        "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney


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          Originally posted by Dusty Buffalo
          Now, if the patterns came on a cd along with the paper patterns, that might be helpful for storage issues and always having the original on hand so to speak.

          Magazines and pattern books will always be my first choice for patterns.
          Wouldn't that be awesome. Pay 30 or 40 dollars and have the years patterns on one CD.
          They could all be exported in PDF format them we could print away

          I would also like to see all the back issues on CD format.
          I remember National Geographic did the same thing. I regret not buying them.
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            Back issues on a CD, including the ones that I am missing and that are out of print????
            What an absolutely fantastic idea!
            Are you listening SSW people???


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              It's actually something we've been kicking around for a while....So...



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                The average cost of patterns I buy is about $6. If I find 1 pattern in a magazine that I like, I've made my money back. In this magazine, I like nearly all of them enough to cut

                However, the big seller for me is not the patterns, but just looking at what other people are making. I don't get out much, so this magazine gives me an eyeful of new techniques and strategies that I would never have thought of for myself. For instance, the intarsia furniture in this month's issue--WOW!! Would I make that? No--I am no kind of cabinetmaker--but it gave me an idea....

                I've read a lot of online sites in the past few months, but they just don't give you the same kind of broad spectrum of patterns and information that a magazine does. Even books don't give you the same kind of data, and that's pretty difficult for a hard-core bibliophile to admit. Also the ads are extremely useful. I have ordered from 5 different companies in this magazine that I would never have heard of otherwise, and I have 3 or 4 more on my list.

                For me, magazines give a value that just can't be beaten, at least so far.


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