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  • Mooooo

    Knocked out another one today. After that gobbler, I needed a few days off. My friend really liked it and I told him I was going to do a head shot of a springer spaniel, a dog of which I used to own and hunt with. Pretty good bait. He has a german shorthair so now he wants me to find a pattern for his dog.

    This bull was one of the easier ones I've done recently, except the letters were a bit tricky. It's a little more important to stay on the lines, especially when you have a couple of the same letter. If one is thinner than the other, it's noticeable. It's kinda funny that after I take a picture is when I notice a couple mistakes that I didn't see before. Back to the saw or files.

    I have a buddy who sells angus bulls and he is always trying to find ideas for gifts for some of his customers every Christmas. He usually gets knives engraved but good quality sport knives are tough to find these days at a reasonable price. Last year I etched 15 thermos jugs for him and when he gets this portrait as a gift from me maybe he'll buy a few more for gifts for his customers. Then I would try stacking.

    What to scroll next...
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    Oh Mike you slick devil, your friends don't have a chance and your going to be getting real busy! No bull....the bull looks good!

    Next project? Well, you've brought a bird and some beef to the table, how about a fish? Just keep em coming whatever you decide .

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      Yup, keep the great work coming. You really should try stack cutting though. In the same amount of time, you could have cut three or four, and even if you sold em to people for twice the cost of the wood, you would still cover the cost of the keepers and the blades used. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        GREAT JOB, Mike! You are a natural at this stuff.

        I've got to agree with everyone else, try stack cutting once - you'll never go back. Besides, it comes in handy for Christmas ornaments........

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          nice job.......and that's no bull.........

          "Last year I etched 15 thermos jugs for him " you have laser ?

          Pete Ripaldi

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            That's a heck of a duck! Great job.
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              Great work

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                That's no bull!
                Bull have horns.
                All the cartoons say so.

                What was the first person to milk a cow really thinking of?

                A city slicker,

                PS.: Nice work Mike. Next project, hmmm... Turkey, Bull, !you need a farm!.
                DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

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                  Now thats alot of bull. your friend Evie


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                    Best duck I have seen all day!
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                      looks just ducky to me!
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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                        Moooooooo-ver-lous !
                        Did I really say that ? Nice job on the letters...letters still intimidate me !
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                          Saw duster, Our club is having a class on cutting letters tommorow night. You are welcome to join us.
                          We meet in Smithtown Long Island , NY. If it is still there after last nights storm. I may find lots of green wood later today. Trees down everywere.
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