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  • New Cutting for core-eagle

    Here is my second attempt with spirals. FD-SP-FE-#1. Thank you gayle for the pattern! My wife is a BIG orca fan! (None here in Montana though). Pattern is cut on 1/8" 5-ply cherry plywood (stack cut 3 total) with textured felt as a backer. Still deciding on frame. Pattern was fun to cut. My 1 month old granddaughter was out in the shop while I was cutting this. Yes I was babysitting while she napped.

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    Great job on the cutting. Awesome pattern too!
    I love North West art. I find the Native interpretation of nature through the geometric ovoids is fascinating. I really do take offense when I hear people say "primative art" The discipline is far more advanced that it seems.

    There is a great carver on the WCI site by the name of Alfie Fishgap You may want to check his work out too.

    Keep up the great work Tim.

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      Tim looks like you did a fine job! The question is how did you like the blades? I don't remember if they are the same size/type spiral you used on your last project. I know I have found the FD-FE #1 blade to be a bit more aggrressive then the New spiral 2/0, but not by much. The big difference is the flat end compared to the twisted end of the New spiral especially when you go to load them!

      Keep em coming Tim!!

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        great work there :-)

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          WOW Tim you say you did that with a spirale. that looks great. how did you do your lines so straight. mine always come out so jagged. nice work. I think any frame work would look nice. sence you ask though, how about a carved one or a sand one. like a routed frame with some sand glued on. then laquered. looks great. so proud. your frined Evie


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            Nice spiral job. It took me awhile to figure out where the whale was until I read the reply about it being primitive art. I'm good at reading books, but art...., it has to be simple for me to understand.

            I have used the new FD 2/0 spirals a little on my last couple projects and have learned to control them quite well. However, I still prefer the flat blades. My spirals were inconsistent in that once I figured out the tension I assumed it would and should be the same for all the blades from the same pack. First couple blades, no problem. The next couple, tensioning the same, snapped before I got the saw running. This never happens to me with the Olson flat blades. Each to his own I guess but I'll still use spirals, but just for veining or widening out a cut.


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