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    I'm looking for a simple intarsia kit for my Scrollsaw Club. It will be the first time many of the members will be trying intarsia so I thought it would be a good idea to purchuse kits that include the pattern and the wood. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
    Joe Pascucci
    "You can't put your arm in the same river twice!"

    Proud member of the Long Island Scrollsaw Association

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    never heard of kits but hay y not???


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      hay JOE try this i was crusin and found kathy's site. all you need is there.


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        have seen some that have intarsia by numbers , its kinda like paint by numbers for intarisia , seen it in one of my catalogs not sure if thats exactly what your looking for but if you want pm me and ill find out where I seen it at and let ya know


        sorry I was wrong they dont come with the wood ,it is for beginners kinda and comes with real easy instructions but no wood , sorry about that
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          Hi jimp 11;
          Seeing as you are such an excellent intarsian and kits do not seem to be readily available, I wonder if it might be a good idea for you to put kits together of just the scrolled out pieces and instructions. With your expertise in doing intarsia it would be no problem for you to make up an easy to follow assembly and finishing tutorial for each piece.
          I know there are sites with kits for making clocks and they generally go for quite a high price. Why not for intarsia as well ?
          You might even be able to market the kits in volume through some of the scrollsaw pattern and parts supply outlets.
          This seems like a lucrative and wide open oportunity for any entrepreneur(s?) that would like to get involved with something like this.
          Perhaps you are too busy or prefer to stay with making your own completed intarsia pieces so this is only a suggestion that may or may not be of interest to you.

          The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us

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            SD Joe,
            Keep in mind that I am fairly financially challenged (cheap, broke, thrifty - take your pick), but I think that buying kits for a group could get downright pricey. Why don't you get a simple pattern from one of the fine suppliers, or look in the book "Intarsia Workbook" for one that seems appropriate, and procure enough wood for the group all at once (might be more economical that way) and then let them go for it. If it needs to be pre-cut, then maybe you and whoever among you is good enough at scrolling could do that, but seems that if you want them to catch the bug, you would want them doing the cutting too.
            Then you could get together for the shaping, finishing, gluing, shimming and whatever else is involved.
            I just got that book (by Judy Gayle and Jerry Boeher - this spelling may be wrong - the book is temporarily misplaced! ), and I plan to work through several of the easy projects just to get some confidence, and then do some of Kathy W's patterns, and then and then and then......
            Good luck on you project, and be sure to let us know what you decide to do, and how it comes out.


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              I appreciate the input everyone is giving me. I’m not sure if I made my request clear enough. I’m not looking for precut kits, just kits that contain the correct wood to be cut. I want to give everyone who wants to try intarsia enough notice so they can purchase the kit. Making a Club purchase of the wood doesn’t always pan out., we always seem to get stuck with some wood, not that that always a bad thing. I also like the idea of everyone purchasing their own wood, just to get them used to it. I remember years ago they had kit for making intarsia boxes and they had the right exotics for the project. I just thought maybe someone may know where the can be purchased. I looked through my catalogs and I can’t seem to find any. Thanks!
              Joe Pascucci
              "You can't put your arm in the same river twice!"

              Proud member of the Long Island Scrollsaw Association


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                The kits are available at a few places. I would also suggest Kathy Wise first, shes a great designer, and I think she does have kits with the wood needed.If not, I do know of a couple other options I will check into later on. dale
                Dale w/ yella saws


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                  I followed jimp11's web link to his photo album after reading William Young’s reply. Man, that is some awesome work! Your mastery of intarsia is inspirational.

                  If anyone else has a few minutes to look at his photo album, you will not be disappointed.

                  -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                    Just got back from the Branson picnic and Ron Posten was selling some Kathy Wise kits from his Hegner booth. I have no idea who put the kits together, whether it was Kathy, Hegner, or Ron - but he had some there.

                    I've also seen the kind of box kits you were talking about, and I have gotten them from Klockit in Lake Geneva, WI. Perhaps there or Steebar - I don't remember seeing any at Wildwood or Wooden Teddy Bear or Berry Basket. Winfield might be another possibility.

                    I hope that is helpful.

                    Pat Lupori


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                      Klockit does have a few kits, as well as Cherry Tree, Wildwood has a nice selection, and Kathy Wise does have a few as well on her site. I am sure there are more, but thats just a few that I came up with quickly searching sites off the top of my head . Dale
                      Dale w/ yella saws


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